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Address: 5, Rue du 503 Rt, Martignas-sur-Jalle, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, 33127, France.


Virginie Lafon

Bordeaux, France.

~ Member Since 2017

I am a French practitioner located in the Bordeaux area, France. I can facilitate online sessions or in person sessions in English and in French.

In person sessions are currently unavailable.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

I started my journey practicing QHHT® and making Dolores Cannon’s work known to the French public. To that end I have written many articles about her work, made several videos about her and her work, in French. That helped me get in touch with her relatives in the US and those she closely worked with such as Candace Craw-Goldman.

Now I’m a fully BQH practitioner and working with Candace on the French BQH course, and on the Quantum Healers’ forum. I am a moderator of the French branch of the Quantum Healers Support Forum. My passion for my work makes all of this a real pleasure !

But what makes my work so special is that since the beginning of my practice I have been particularly working with Dragons energy that have been coming to me in an incredible and uncontrollable way.

With Dragons, I have been helping hundreds of people connect to their Dragons and helping them understand their connexion to Dragons.


  • Online sessions: €250, (2,30 hrs)

Book here:

Online sessions are done with the Zoom application.

  • In person: €250 (2,30 hrs)

In person session are held in France, Martignas (Bordeaux area).

Once we have made the appointment I will send you an e-mail with all the details as to how to use Zoom and to prepare your sesssion.

Vous parlez Français ? Visitez mon site internet !



Cheryl Chatfield

April 2022

I loved my session with Virginie. First, she made me very comfortable and relaxed. Once the session began, I was amazed at the information I received. And she understands that some of us are Dragons! Her work confirmed for me what I have known, but questioned, for many years. I feel blessed to have found her. I now feel as if I can move forward, understanding and accepting my work as a dragon, with dragons and in other dimensions. Thank you, Virginie.


Jo Ellis

February 2021

I have had two hypnosis sessions now with Virginie and am already looking forward to my third!
Virginie is truly gifted at holding space and allowing people to dive deep into their unconscious and the infinity of the universe.
Both my sessions have been very different to each other and in them I have gone to places beyond my imagination and healed some very sensitive wounds.
Virginie is magical and grounded, a great facilitator in English as well as French.
I couldn’t recommend her more highly.


Julianne B.

March 2020

Oue BQH session was very special to me, it revealed connection with and understanding of dragon life. Virginies was guiding me through with a wonderful and truly hypnotic voice. A Frensh doing a session in English with a German worked out wonderfully and at ease. I felt safe and cared for my intentions. Telepathy came in when I could not find the word to express in English.. I took the Frensh word instead. In real life I have forgotten my school Frensh. As intended I met a lot dragons and could make a lasting connection to elemental dragons. I enjoyed the session a lot and truly recommend Virginie - not only for English-Amercan dragon seekers but for all kinds of BQH sessions in English.



March 2020

She helped me a lot reconnecting with my higher self and my dragons ! She is serious and has a very intense good energy to her. Her techniques made me confortable right away and her prices are very attractive ! Since my sessions with her, my senses and my mémories are back. I can channel and dig more and more into my own history !


Virginie Lafon and Chrysilla Lewies Talk about Dragon Energies

In this video I am interviewed about my work with dragon energies that I encounter through Quantum Healing session for over 2 years now.

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