Embrace the Changes -- Solara's Annual State of the Planet Year 2018 via Talyaa Liera

Embrace the Changes — Solara’s Annual State of the Planet Year 2018 via Talyaa Liera


Embrace the Changes — Solara’s Annual State of the Planet for Year 2018

You’ve weathered the metaphoric fires that 2017 brought, and now you stand at the precipice of a new year. The turning of the calendar year is a time to take stock, feel in, and determine the course of your life. Although it is an arbitrary demarcation between one numerical designation (“2017”) and another (“2018”), because there is so much collective human expectation of the closing of one chapter and the opening of another, there is great power in using this time to make choices about your coming year.

2017 was difficult for many people on many levels. If you experienced personal challenge this past year, you are not alone. It means that you possess great sensitivity to the enormous wellspring of change that is beginning to emerge into collective consciousness. Shadows that have long lain hidden are beginning to come into the light to be healed. Shameful and damaging behavior has begun to be exposed. Inequalities that have long been denied have begun to become apparent.

All of this means that the world is in a state of great upheaval. And you feel it on some level. This great collective global instability becomes instability on a personal level as well, causing rifts in long-term relationships and friendships, sudden deaths, small businesses folding, large corporations downsizing or shuffling employees to new projects, startups opening and shutting down again, stock market and money market instability and other economic swings, and people making abrupt reversals and other big shifts in behavior and life direction.

This instability does not come from humanity; rather, humanity feels the global energetic instability of Gaia (the consciousness of Earth) and translates that energetic disruption into action on a human basis.

As you move into a new calendar year, you begin it with a great amount of energetic and material instability. The future feels uncertain. Perhaps you don’t wish to plan very far ahead, or you want to ensure that your nest egg is safe by becoming more conservative in your spending and investing. Perhaps your way of life is already unstable, and you may not even know how you will pay your bills next month. All of this instability causes you to collectively try to hunker down and hold on to what you already have.

By March and April, however, you will begin to see the curtains lift. You will begin to see glimmers of light appearing in the darkness and to feel more hopeful about positive change, not only for humanity but also for yourself on a personal level. While change may not manifest for months or even years after this time, because you feel hopeful and experience life in a lighter, more jovial manner, some aspects of the change you wish to see will feel less urgent and more apparent.

By September, many more long-hidden secrets will be exposed. Some of the economic volatility occurring now will begin to calm. In the political arena in the US, big shifts will be underway on the national level. The rest of the world will remain somewhat on hold, awaiting the outcome of these shifts.

By December, many shifts will already be evident. You’ll feel more confident about what the following year (2019) might bring you, on a personal level as well as on a global level. You will feel ready for the year to come and will have realized how far you came in the 12 months behind you.


This is a year of re-evaluation for many of you. You will take stock of your priorities and values, and measure them against the people in your life — do these people fit the evolving You? Are they still a match for the fire within you that burns to be ignited? Are they the ones who will stand at your side and help you carve a place in your world? 

It is painful to let go, to relinquish a dream. But let go you must, for when you do not, you risk carrying a deadweight along with you on your life’s journey. So grieve the potential of what will now not be in your relationships, and make room for new connections, new support circles, and new comrades-at-arms in the battle to save your world.

Oh yes. Many of you are actively working to save your world. If this is you, if you hear the call to contribute to humanity’s evolution in some great or small way, then this is the year you find your tribe.  This is the year you mark your place in the great global tapestry. This is the year you remember what Home feels like.

On other fronts, this year you get closer to discovering the truth of Who You Are. And that is good news for the planet, because the planet needs each and every one of you to awaken and plug in to The Thing You Came Here To Do. 


Because you’re taking stock and letting go, this year your relationship life could be shaky, uneven, and even upsetting. You’re separating the wheat from the chaff this year, and because you are a human with a tender heart the separation process feels like hurt. Especially when you are the chaff. Try not to think of yourself as “chaff”, and instead remember that everyone else is also walking this tender road this year. It is not easy to let go, just as it is not easy to be let go from.

By mid-year, you’ll notice that your friendships have begun to shift. You’ll spend more time with people who enliven and inspire you, and less time with people who “bring you down” or who just don’t align with your values and principles. Notice who surrounds you. Notice who you reach out to in times of heart-hurt, and especially notice who reaches out to you in times of their need. The people who call YOU friend are the ones who hold the mirror of reflection for you to see, since they already see you for your true self. Keep these people on your call list and nurture your relationships with them. By year’s end, you will want them close. When you finally realize how much you must accomplish in order to do The Thing You Came Here To Do, you will want friends close by.

Close relationships such as lovers and family will also endure a series of shifts this year. Of course every relationship is always in a state of flux, but these changes will seem bigger than normal. Try not to sweat it much. Your family, weird or contentious as they may be, are part of your spiritual support circle even if it seems like they oppose everything you are and stand for. Let your personal freak flag fly. You were meant to soar.

Love relationships grow deeper this year, even amid a series of shifts that appear rather bumpy at times. Whoever you hold on to this year, keep them close in your heart. You were meant to be loved.


Spiritually, everyone grows this year. It’s as if all of you are taking a step, together. Because everyone “up-levels” at the same time, you might not notice much difference in yourself this year if you’re accustomed to comparing your growth to that of others. Not to worry — you will most likely take a significant (for you) leap in the direction of your chosen spiritual path this year.

Perhaps you were not previously aware that you had a spiritual path. Perhaps you will become aware of your path only this year. Or perhaps you will consciously choose a path this year that is different from your previous path. At any rate, this year your path becomes more evident, more concrete, and more real to you. That is one way that you grow spiritually this year.

Another way your spiritual growth will become evident this year is from your awareness of other people. Because everyone grows spiritually at the same time this year, everyone also increases their rate of energetic vibration. That’s right, you all vibrate together, which means that you all increase — on some level — your awareness that you are energy and that, as energetic beings, you are all connected.

This may seem implausible when you’re caught in the midst of a relationship breakup or you shake your head at yet more political shenanigans or inequalities in the world, but this year in some manner, you will increase your awareness that all humanity (and, indeed, all of creation) is created from the same matter and therefore is connected. This is a huge step “forward” for any individual and most certainly for a species as a whole. 

The fact that this year, all of humanity increases its vibration, and consequently its awareness that every individual is connected in some way to every other individual, is ground-breaking in humanity’s history. When individuals begin to become aware that their actions affect others, then these same individuals begin to make choices that support the wellbeing of not only themselves as individuals, but also other people. And when you make choices that support the wellbeing of others in addition to yourself, then collectively you evolve more quickly.


Because this is a year of much change and chaos under the surface, much of that chaos-energy rises to manifest as political games and the revealing of shadows that have long lay hidden. What is revealed will be startling and disturbing at first, but will soon become commonplace. This is because you must always adjust to what becomes your new “normal”. The human mind was not meant to live in constant upheaval, and so must create a sense of equilibrium every time there is a major change. This results in very fast growth that does not feel like growth. This type of growth feels as if you are standing still amid constant turbulence, when in reality you ride a tornado of change that you cannot see — because you are IN the tornado.

There will be times this year when you will almost want to give up being human, because your disgust at the political games played by those who are in power is so enormous and all-pervading. Do not despair too much, however — the more games and shenanigans you witness and the more disgust you feel at them, the more powerful the change manifests from underneath, where it has long lain hidden and waiting for this moment. 

Make no mistake — this is a powerful time in history. False gods are tumbling. Nationalism flames out into ash, and from those ashes rises the shining light of connection among humanity. It will take time — decades — to fully realize the fruits of the seeds that are sown this year, but significant change is in the offing even by year’s end.

Political figures now enjoying a temporary “moment in the sun” because of the upheaval and chaos being stirred up these past few years will meet their appropriate ends. Tense factions are but an illusion that soon will fall away into the reality that humans really do strive to help one another and support one another, especially in times of difficulty. This year seems especially difficult, if only to provide people with the means to come together again.

Global Nature

Because the energies of upheaval begin far beneath the Earth’s surface and are generated by Gaia, Earth’s consciousness, you can expect MANY climate, weather, and geological events this year. It may seem as if the world is beginning to end — as if Earth can no longer sustain the life that exists upon it — and to a certain extent that is true. Changes must be made. Earth cannot go on indefinitely as she has. Do you stay still and stagnant all your life? Of course not. And neither does any living being.

And so, weep when species are lost. Giraffes and polar bears will be for your great-grandchildren what the passenger pigeon and the Great Auk were to you — seemingly mythical creatures that once existed in a land long ago. Grieve these losses. And remember that all creatures evolve, all beings change. Celebrate the life that dwells upon the planet and celebrate one another as human stewards of nature. For indeed, you are each tasked with the care-taking of this precious and beautiful green sphere.

While energies simmer underneath for most of the first half of the year, climate change swirls overhead, creating the perfect combination for a tumultuous hurricane season. 2017’s devastating series of storms will likely be followed by a second set, perhaps even more devastating, this year. Similarly, winter storms at year’s end will surprise and delight skiers but leave families stranded and refugees shelterless and vulnerable.

Extreme weather patterns will lead to increases in vaccine-resistant strains of flu and other devastating diseases, which will strike vulnerable populations with a vengeance. Nature regards this as a necessary winnowing of global life but when it is your friend or your neighbor or your family or you, it is tragedy. Grieve these tragedies, because it is your nature to do so and this grieving is a necessary part of the letting-go that comes before shifts that are already in motion for your future.

Other earthly energetic upheavals will manifest as Pacific Rim earthquakes and a potential tsunami in the South Pacific. This won’t be the year for California’s “Big One” earthquake, but that time draws near.

Summary Message for 2018

Every year seems like the year of the most change, when you are living it. 2018 is no different, yet changes occurring now will yield fruit in the years to come. Bear in mind that even through your challenges and difficulties, you personally are in charge of your experience of life and simply by reading this message you are giving yourself an energetic boost to create a 2018 that exceeds your expectations in every way.

Let go of what no longer serves you, and welcome with open arms new friends, new experiences, and a new way of looking at your life. Every time you take a step on this planet, you harmonize with the greatest source of power you have ready access to — planet Earth. 

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© 2018 Talyaa Liera. All rights reserved. This article may be reproduced on condition that it is kept intact, along with this attribution paragraph in its entirety including a link to website https://leagueofom.com. Talyaa Liera is an ORACLE, channel, and shamanic energy healer — a seer of futures, possibilities, trajectories & energies. She channels Solara, a high-wisdom spirit teacher collective that offers messages of hope and inspiration to heal and transform humanity. Her work supports individuals to live their Destiny — the blueprint of why we are here, how we belong, and what we are meant to do. And as a voice for the Sacred Feminine, Talyaa is the author of The Magical Goddess Journey: a 28-Day Journey to Invoke Your Wild Goddess and Reclaim a Juicy Life, a deep-dive exploration for women.

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