The Tide Turns -- Solara's State of the Planet May 2018 via Talyaa Liera

The Tide Turns — Solara’s State of the Planet May 2018 via Talyaa Liera


The Tide Turns: Solara’s State of the Planet, May 2018

Imagine you’ve been on a roller coaster — for years. You’ve weathered ups and downs and often you felt thrown this way and that by the forces in your life, but you’ve come through your endlessly long ride like a pro. Now you’re ready to get off the ride and get on with your life.

Off the Roller Coaster

What you’ll feel from energies in the month of May 2018 is much like what it feels like when you disembark from a very long roller coaster ride. You’re relieved to get off the ride and get on with your life. You’re elated from the excitement of having navigated lengthy periods of enormous ups and downs. And you feel extremely wobbly, as if the ground underneath your feet still buckles and isn’t yet solid.

The roller coaster you were on was a magical world — it was nothing like your ordinary reality. Now that you’re back on the ground, you remember what it feels like to be real. You’re no longer twisting and turning in the air, hands up and mouth screaming with a delicious mixture of delight and fear. No, you’re on solid ground now. You can get on with your life. The ride is finally over.

It just doesn’t yet feel like it’s over.

What the Tide Turning Feels Like

The tide is turning, but you may not yet feel it because you’re still in your post-roller coaster wobbly mode. But sensitive souls will tune into subtle changes that reveal the truth of your global reality — something major has shifted, and you are a part of that shift.

Evidence that the tide is truly turning includes:

  • Increased eye contact with people you don’t know — in the past, people often averted their eyes from you, but now you’ll notice an increase in direct eye contact. This is because an element of fear that affected the global population is now in suspension, rendering it inactive for the time being.
  • Stronger resolve to be a part of something greater than yourself — this may manifest for people in many ways, including joining new groups, engaging in social activism, starting an online business that serves people in need, or simply reading a very popular book and realizing that you’re experiencing something that thousands of other people experience at the same time.
  • Shedding childhood patterns that no longer serve you — whether you accomplish this through talk therapy, shamanic healing, an initiation ritual, or simply by choosing to no longer believe a belief that was given to you years ago by your parents or caregivers, this month you have an opportunity to leave behind old ways of thinking and being that are not part of the essential You.
  • An urge to purge — the wave of minimalism and decluttering manifestos have finally reached critical mass. You’ll find yourself shedding material goods that no longer generate a sparkle within your soul. Divest of them in the way that feels best, whether it’s via eBay, Craigslist, gifting to friends, or donating to people who need more than they presently have. When you have more than you need, it’s easy to find a way to let go.


On a personal level, this month’s energetic effects are primarily subtle. If you are not particular sensitive to energy changes, you may not notice much on a personal level this month. You may, however, think that some of your friends are acting strangely. They may say or do things that seem out of the ordinary to you. If this happens, remember that some people feel changes very deeply and they have difficulty integrating change. You may have a stronger hold on your inner sense of self and therefore may be more impervious to big energy changes. However, this month you’ll still very likely go through a transition whereupon you take bigger leaps of faith into creating the life that you’ve always dreamed of. You may not think of this as a big change for you, because the change was incremental and subtle, but by the month’s end you’ll be able to look back and remember that you were once hesitant to make the leaps you in fact made with ease.

If you’re among those who are particularly energetically sensitive, this month you may feel like you’ve turned inside out. That wobbly aprés-roller coaster sensation makes you feel like your whole world has changed. You may experience moments when you doubt that you are even the same person you’ve always been. If this occurs, just keep breathing and allow it to pass. You will likely experience multiple waves of ever-shifting energies that cause you to rethink your mission in life, rethink your relationship to your inner child, and rethink your entire identity. This is not an identity crisis, but actually encourages you to shed that which was never You to begin with. By the month’s end, you’ll breathe more easily and feel much more at home in your own skin.


Relationships this month take on a whole new meaning for most people. You’ll finally understand (perhaps consciously, perhaps not) that you truly are a part of a greater whole, and that as such you are connected to every other person on the planet. This is a huge epiphany for many people, and even if you’ve known this as an intellectual fact for many years, this is the month when it finally comes home to you on every level. You are part of a greater whole. What you do affects every other being on the planet in some way.

Because this is such a gigantic concept for so many people, it can throw simple relationships into a tailspin. How do you reconcile that never-ending fight about who left their dirty socks on the floor when you know deep in your gut that thousands of children in Ethiopia are starving? How do you deal with your boss who always expects you to clean up everyone’s coffee cups at the end of every meeting when you know in your soul that there is a woman somewhere in your neighborhood who was beaten this week? How do you care whether your kid eats their vegetables first or last at dinnertime when you know that millions of people around the world feel no hope for change in their lives?

The way through this month’s maelstrom of revelations about who we are as a species, and how we connect with one another, is to take everything down to its lowest level. Your actions affect the people you directly touch. Your actions echo outward to also affect, ultimately, everyone around the globe — but that feels too huge for most people. So take it down. Focus on whomever your actions touch directly. Your loved ones. Your friends. Your colleagues. Remember that they, too, feel this maelstrom and that they, too, wrestle with the newfound realizations that their actions affect everyone around the globe  So be kind.

The way to be kind is to slow things down. Take a breath before speaking. Focus on your priorities — are the dirty socks or coffee cups that important? Or is your partner, your children, your friends, your colleagues, more important to you? Take some time to listen, not only to your loved ones and friends, but to your inner self, the self that has been with you all your life and now is eager to be heard.

Listen to your inner self — a practice to slow down and hear your most trusted source of wisdom. Sit in a quiet space. Take a few breaths deep into your belly and exhale. Imagine the best friend you could possibly have, someone who unquestioningly understands you and knows you. Imagine that you can have a magical conversation with this imaginary best friend, right in your own mind. Have these magical inner conversations any time you feel the need for a wise friend, and especially any time you feel overwhelmed by change in your relationships this month.


Because of the global revelation this month that every person is interconnected with every other person, all of humanity increases its vibration just a little. This minute increase has a big effect on people who feel sensitive to energies.

If you are sensitive to changes in vibration, you’ll experience:

  • subtle sense of buzzing or vibration throughout your body
  • increase in signs, omens, and coincidences
  • a sense that life is working better and more smoothly than it has in a while
  • temporary increase in small aches and pains in your body
  • stronger desire to be in or around nature
  • stronger connection to animals and/or plants
  • desire to know why you are here

Even if you don’t feel sensitive to energy changes, you’ll experience some or all of the following:

  • desire to be kinder to people you don’t know
  • an urge to “pay-it-forward” in some way
  • impulse to write little love notes or notes of appreciation
  • urge to express yourself artistically
  • heightened feelings of love toward people you know
  • increase in fond childhood memories
  • reconnection with old friends or acquaintances

Collectively, a vibration increase such as this often creates eventual shockwaves that reverberate throughout the globe. Shockwaves of this type feel like sudden revelations or “a-ha” moments. These shockwaves continue on for some time (months to years) after a collective global vibration increase, so you can expect your experiences to adjust accordingly.

While a vibration increase affects how people experience themselves and one another, as well as how they interact with the environment, it does not necessarily cause individuals to become more spiritually aware or “enlightened”. It does, however, help guide collective humanity to make better individual choices in the near term and therefore make better collective choices in the long term.


Politically, you may not notice much change at all this month. That is because the tide turns slowly in this arena. People will focus changes first on themselves and next on the people closest to them. Political change is an outgrowth of how people view themselves, so changes in this area come after people first begin to see themselves in a new way.

Because of this, you can expect many of the same games and shenanigans that you’ve seen for many months now. However, this month it is likely that there is a strong revelation about systemic corruption in the US government, which will have long-term global consequences. Already, the international trust level is markedly decreased, and these revelations will bring it even lower. As a result, economic policies will be affected, rendering the US even more isolated from its global community than ever. This has negative short-term effects (trade deficits, economic imbalances, broken treaties), but positive long-term effects (after being in a virtual “time out”, eventually the US will be eager to strike authentic friendships with other countries).

Globally, the reverberations of the turning tide make a larger near-term difference than in the US. Many countries are now led by individuals who feel energies on a more subtle level than in the US at present, and these individuals will feel guided to help nudge their respective countries closer to a connected global state. It is a long road to a united world, but many countries will make strides towards it this month by changing policies to support social equality that affect people on a local level.

Global Nature

Gaia, the Earth’s consciousness, has always known that this moment would arrive and planned accordingly. A global vibration shift causes physical reverberations that manifest as wild weather changes, earthquakes, and extreme wind patterns. These natural phenomena should be no stranger to you by now because they’ve been with you for months and months, but they are worth noting because they are at the beginning of a new trend of constant extreme natural phenomena.

If you are tired of hearing about the effects of climate change, then use your weariness to get in tune with your inner wise being (your imaginary best friend from the practice described above) and consult with it to determine your most effective ways of supporting Earth’s inevitable changes. Some of you continue to resist what is occurring in front of your very eyes by becoming activists and protesters. Instead, use your inner wisdom to connect to the spirit of the planet.

Remember the ancient ways that still resonate in the drumbeats of your heart, and teach your children and grandchildren to honor the rhythms of the Earth. Join a drum circle, or listen to a shamanic drumming recording, and remember what it was like to dance around a fire and honor the life that dwells beneath your feet. Lie outside under the stars and watch the night sky drift slowly past. Follow an ant up a blade of green grass and wonder at its tenacity when its world is turned upside down. Turn on your water tap, listen to the water trickle slowly out of the faucet, and marvel at the combination of humanity’s engineering and nature’s music. Humanity can co-exist with nature. As the tide turns, you are finally on a path to discovering how.

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© 2018 Talyaa Liera. All rights reserved. This article may be reproduced on condition that it is kept intact, along with this attribution paragraph in its entirety including a link to our website Talyaa Liera is an ORACLE, channel, and shamanic energy healer — a seer of futures, possibilities, trajectories & energies. She channels Solara, a high-wisdom spirit teacher collective that offers messages of hope and inspiration to heal and transform humanity. Her work supports individuals to live their Destiny — the blueprint of why we are here, how we belong, and what we are meant to do. And as a voice for the Sacred Feminine, Talyaa is the author of The Magical Goddess Journey: a 28-Day Journey to Invoke Your Wild Goddess and Reclaim a Juicy Life, a deep-dive exploration for women.

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