Grounding Effect -- Solara's State of the Planet February 2018 via Talyaa Liera

Grounding Effect — Solara’s State of the Planet February 2018 via Talyaa Liera


Grounding Effect: Solara’s State of the Planet, February 2018

Even though Earth and her inhabitants are still in a state of overall upheaval, this month you’ll experience a grounding effect that will help you remember and regain your roots to the Earth and to one another. Grounding is the act of bringing the focus of one’s energy downward toward the ground and linking it with Earth. This is far less “woo-woo” than it sounds — every time you lie on the grass, engage in sports that involve running, pet an animal, or walk in nature you are grounding your energy to some extent. This is why kids instinctively collect rocks. This is why it feels so good to get outside in the spring and admire the flowers. This is why it feels so good to hike in the woods. This is why it feels so good to garden in your own back yard. Every time you connect with the earth in some small way, it helps to ground your energy.

Why Grounding?

Grounding is important because it helps anchor you to the planet. No, it’s not as if you will suddenly fly off into space if you do not go to a petting zoo, but humans were designed to derive much of their energy and wellbeing from the Earth. You have a bond and connection that is akin to the umbilical cord of a growing fetus. The Earth supports you, nourishes you, and sustains you. You cannot live without the elements that the Earth provides to you. [And yet, one day you will walk among the stars, having solved the problem of how to reproduce essential elements that the Earth now provides you.]

What the Grounding Effect Brings You

When you feel grounded, truly grounded, you feel at ease, at peace. And that is the energy that this month brings you — increased ease, increased sense of wellbeing, increased sense of peace and “rightness” in the world, increased sense that yes, things will indeed work out for all of us one day. Because you’re still undergoing a deep and long-term upheaval, note that this grounding effect is but temporary, but it will provide a much-needed respite from the turmoil of the past year and a half.

Amp Up Your Personal Grounding Effect

Get out in nature. Walk on the beach, hike in the woods, enjoy the snow. Don’t let winter deter you. There is so much life boiling underground. Feel how alive everything is even in stillness. Walk barefoot. If it’s too cold to walk outside where you live, then barefoot it indoors. Walk slowly and feel how your feet connect to the earth, how the earth pushes upward to support you.  Grow roots. Stand, barefoot, and feel all four corners of your feet (left and right ball of foot, left and right heel). Now imagine roots growing downward from the center of each of your feet into the earth beneath you. Grow your roots all the way down to the center of the earth. Walk around knowing that your feet have roots growing deep into the earth. This overall grounding effect affects us on many levels.


This is the month to stop and catch your breath a bit. You’ve been on a metaphorical rollercoaster for some time now, and just as with a real-life rollercoaster it’s good to get off and feel what it feels like to be on the ground again after all these ups and downs. What happens when you get off a real-life rollercoaster? You wobble at first. The ground beneath your feet felt weird. Maybe your gut feels queasy. So, too, is your first foray back to grounding after such a long time spent in constant upheaval — you’re going to wobble at first and it may make you sick. But don’t worry. These sensations will soon pass. Just give yourself a little time and be gentle about it. Try not to expect too much of yourself for at least a few days. Give yourself time to adjust to being on the ground again. Once you get your “ground legs”, you will feel more solid, more supported, and more stable than you have in a good while. Look for it, this feeling of stability. You may not know it when you experience it because hey, it’s been so long that maybe you forgot that life isn’t supposed to be all constant ups and downs, and that actually life can be pretty stable when you get the kinks ironed out. To help you navigate those first days/week of queasiness, be sure to practice some personal Grounding Effect enhancements ASAP. The more you ground, the more quickly you’ll feel your legs under you again. Wait, you understand we’ve been talking metaphor here, don’t you? We don’t mean any of this absolutely literally. What you’ll experience as wobbliness will be things like: confusion about your purpose, extra brain fog, hiccups in self-understanding, feeling like you’re not gaining any traction in life, manifesting an illness (such as the flu) so your body can rest. Keep breathing and keep grounding yourself through those first few-to-several days, and you’ll be fine. The rest of the month is pretty much a piece of cake.


Now here is the interesting bit. Even though on a personal level you’ll have mostly smooth sailing this month, relationships heat up a bit. It’s not like everything can be easy all at once, can it? Sorry. Once your relationships get the extra energy boost of the added support of earth-energy stability, they’ll go into Evolve Mode. Evolve Mode, in a relationship, often looks like conflict. This is because everyone involved is sorting out how they’re going to be in the new energy of the relationship, and these things take time to settle out. Be gentle with yourself while your close relationships are in Evolve Mode. Avoid making choices that affect the relationship in a drastic way (ending a relationship, for instance). Remember, too, that the other party(s) in your relationship are also have a tough time of it, just as you are. You are really in this together! It must may not seem like it for awhile. Be patient and remember why you’re in the relationship to begin with. If it’s a familial relationship, old patterns from the past may come into play this month. Again, be patient with everyone concerned and take a break if necessary. If it’s work relationships, just give everyone a wide berth this month if things start to heat up. Keep your head down and avoid complaining within the company, as that can backfire. 


Spiritually, everyone grows this month. Okay, that may be a slight overstatement but the opportunity is there for each and every one of you, so why not take it and run with it?  You may not know how to grow and evolve spiritually. That’s okay. This month you will learn, at least the first step. If you do not already have a spiritual practice, then more than likely you will be presented with one sometime during the month. Perhaps you run across a flyer for meditation, or a book catches your eye at the bookstore (does anyone still frequent those?), or a friend tells you about this really cool spiritual path that they heard about, or you see something on social media. Whatever it is, it is calling you. It’s a good idea this month to keep your listening ears on and heed the call. If you already have a spiritual practice, you may be called upon this month to deepen it, or to add a new modality to the already familiar. You may want to just chuck it all and go hibernate in a cabin in the forest. You may find yourself teaching someone about your practice (they say that to truly learn something, you must first teach it to someone else). Regardless of the way this new aspect to your spirituality finds you this month, it WILL find you. 


The overall grounding effect taking place this month affects the oft wild and wacky world of politics a little differently. The political world does not always move in the same way that other areas of global life do — often, politics has a certain momentum that runs its own course, separate from yet highly influential to, other areas of human life. This month, several energy flows that began months or even years ago continue on unimpeded by. The grounding effect serves to strengthen and broaden these energy flows. Citizens of the US will continue to see potentially head-shaking political shenanigans throughout the month, as the grounding effect actually helps reach even more deeply into the layers of deceit and guile that have long covered the face of truth. The time has not yet come where all that must be stirred up and brought to light has done so. Elsewhere, similar shenanigans of sexual impropriety, outright lies, cover-ups unveiled, and other evidence of deceit and deception will continue to come to light where they are rampant. Other areas (Germany, France) continue to strengthen their positions as examples of the standard by which political systems should be measured (but, alas, are not all too often).

Global Nature

Nature takes a breather this month as she delves more deeply into what lies underneath — simmering volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. While it seems unlikely that any major cataclysmic event occurs this month, because there is still a huge amount of energy boiling underneath the surface of the planet, it is possible that despite being overall calm, this month could bring a huge earthquake, likely in the Pacific Rim area or in Central America. Elsewhere in nature, animals, plants, molds, reptiles, and sea-going creatures all hunker down for a welcome respite from the constant change they face most other times. Companion pets will tend to want to stay especially close to their human companions. Pet your cats. Play with your dogs. Take your horses out for a run. They want to remain close to you this month. Animals feel shifts in energy long before most humans do. Even though February marks a restful period in many ways, it is the calm before the storm.

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