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Solara’s State of the Planet, June 2018, via Talyaa Liera — The Work Begins


 The Work Begins: Solara’s State of the Planet, June 2018

You are probably ready for a change by now — change in yourself, change in your relationships and work, change in the world. You look at the world around you and you want something to be different — ANYTHING, really — because you feel there is something truly wonderful welling up from underneath that isn’t yet reflected in the reality you experience.

You are far from alone in this. Many people feel a strong call this month for change. It isn’t hard to understand why! Conditions are difficult in many places around the world. Inequality is more pronounced than ever in much of the world. The wealthy keep getting wealthier while the poor stay poor. Weather extremes create uncertainty and instability in many areas. Things just seem at a breaking point right now, so wouldn’t a nice big change feel so refreshing and wonderful?

Of course! And it will be served up on a platter for all to enjoy.

But first, the work begins.

Work? What Kind of Work?

Let’s start back with that feeling you have that something wonderful is welling up from underneath. Just what do we mean by that?

Almost everyone feels energies, even if they’re unaware of what they feel or that they feel anything. It is part of human nature to have the ability to feel subtle changes on an energetic level. So when we say there’s an absolute WELLSPRING OF CHANGE just waiting to emerge, we mean exactly that. Big changes are on the horizon, and you have already seen glimpses of them — the North American and Western European #MeToo moment, women in India fighting against sexual abuses, burgeoning economic revival in parts of Africa, and the ending of recession in parts of Latin America. These are only a few large manifestations of a greater flow of energetic shifting that is taking place now all over the planet.

The more manifestations that emerge, even in places that are thousands of miles from where you live, the greater a sense of upcoming change you will have. This builds excitement and anticipation, which in themselves breed more energy for more change.

This is where the work part comes in.

In order for true, lasting change, humanity must be in accord — on a soul level, everyone must agree that the changes sought are desired. This isn’t has hard as it sounds, because you always have energetic access to every other soul on the planet at all times, even if you’re unaware of it. So, humanity’s accord takes place even if you don’t have conscious awareness of it.

The work part is that energetic change begets material change. When the energy flow shifts to one of greater acceptance, equality, and connection, it affects people on a conscious level. And not everyone is ready for greater acceptance, equality, and connection. You can see that just by observing news stories. So there will be increased resistance to change, increased blowback, more stories of sexual impropriety and political corruption — and this is good news! Its good news because unless these horrific things are brought to light, they cannot be healed and humanity cannot evolve into a more enlightened state.

The Good News

The good news is that there are SO MANY people who are open and ready to co-create a better world for EVERYONE, not just for themselves, that they outweigh the few who resist this kind of connected, loving environment. You, simply by being kind and loving and helping others, help co-create this change. And you can go a step further by living life in alignment with your soul’s plans, your Destiny, which has an even greater effect on the energetic nature of the planet.

The closer you live in alignment with your Destiny, the more energy you contribute to humanity’s evolution towards a civilization that holds all life in high esteem and generates warm wellbeing for all of Earth’s creatures. This is the future you help to build now. This is the change you already know is happening. This is why you were born to live now.


On a personal level, many people will feel strangely disconnected from their old selves. Change is spinning so quickly now that many of you will make a huge break this month from the Old You, so quickly that you won’t quite yet have time to fully embrace the New You. But never fear — the process of moving from Old to New happens over a series of days, and won’t leave you hanging for very long. Just ride with it as best you can, and remember to ground yourself in activities that bring you closer to nature and breathing more deeply. The more air you can consciously bring into your body through deep belly breathing, the more energy you will give your physical structure to acclimate to the energetic changes you’re experiencing. If you don’t already have a regular breath practice, this is a great time to begin one.

Easy deep breathing technique:

Sit comfortably, with your spine straight. Breathing through your nose, take a deep breath into your belly and slowly exhale. Feel the rise and fall of your abdominal muscles as you breathe. Try to extend your inhales and exhales to a count of four. Imagine that with every inhale, you breathe in energy from the infinite energy source of the universe. With every exhale, allow your body to release anything it does not need. Keep breathing this way for a few minutes. Notice any thoughts that arise during this time.


As you release the Old You and begin to embrace the New You, your relationships will be impacted. Not everyone is on the exact same time table for releasing their old selves and acclimating to their new self, so you may be deep amidst your changes while your partner, friends, or family are not. People normally close to you may seem strange to you this month, and you may seem strange to them. Try to breathe through all of this. Everyone is making an adjustment of some kind this month, so the more leeway you give them and yourself, the more comfortable you will be during this time of great change.

Your task, this month, is to NOT MAKE ANY DECISIONS THAT AFFECT YOUR RELATIONSHIPS. Just give yourself (and your people) time to get used to the New You. Let things simmer down. Don’t be hasty. And remember your compassion. Everyone is going through essentially the same process, and it’s disconcerting. Just keep breathing and go pet a kitten.


This is a great month to go within and explore what you find there. Remember, you are releasing in the Old You and embracing the New You, right? So this gives you the perfect opportunity to figure yourself out once and for all. That’s not to suggest that once you embrace this New You that you won’t ever change again — on the contrary, you are in a constant state of evolution. But the energies this month really support you to explore the divine nature that dwells inside you.

As you release the Old and welcome the New, you have the perfect opportunity to connect with the constant nature of your Inner Self, your soul, the divine and unchanging aspect that is always within you. This inner divine nature is your constant source of connection to the great All-That-Is, universal spirit energy, and can be your greatest source of comfort in times of upheaval and change.

One way to connect with your inner divine nature is by getting quiet and still, and then listening deeply. Even if you hear nothing, imagine that you do. Imagine that within you dwells the most loving voice you can think of, a voice that always says the right thing and always supports you in unconditional love. If you continue this practice throughout the month, you will cultivate and maintain a relationship with your spirituality on a level that befits the New You.


Politically,  you will observe what essentially looks like more of the same shenanigans that have been going on for years now. But many of you will notice what is happening underneath — this month you may notice a shift in the intensity of these shenanigans. The biggest change will be the collective response. You are shifting to a world that is ruled not by just a few, but by the collective will of the many. This will take many years to fully implement, but look carefully this month! You will see changes in how people respond to political imbalances that have long just been the status quo. Last month’s Irish vote to repeal legislation outlawing abortion is a prime example. The collective will is beginning to remember its power and purpose, and is beginning to flex its might.

Global Nature

The month begins with a slough of strong tropical storms, an expression of the enormous amount of energy swirling about the planet. Another expression of this great surge in energy to support global collective changes is the volcanic activity in Hawaii. Expect additional manifestations of this energy surge in various places around the planet — potential earthquakes in Chile, Mexico, and Alaska; likely hurricanes in the South Atlantic; potential additional volcanic activity in the northwest US and Japan.

Nature responds to energy surges with manifestations that sometimes seem extreme to tiny humans dwelling on the planets surface. But bear in mind that Gaia, Earth’s consciousness, keeps all of her children in her awareness when monitoring energy flows around the planet. It is true that humanity has wrought a huge negative impact on the number of species that are part of Earth’s vast web of life, but this impact is but a tiny blip in a grand cycle of planetary experience. Gaia knows this and supports humanity to grow and evolve so as to one day travel among the stars and bring back wisdom from those who walk there.

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