Wildfires -- Solara's State of the Planet March 2018 via Talyaa Liera

Wildfires — Solara’s State of the Planet March 2018 via Talyaa Liera


Wildfires: Solara’s State of the Planet, March 2018

March brings the fires that burn us clean, inside and out. These are metaphorical fires for the most part, but planetary energy focus will also bring literal fires in some areas of the world. More on that below.

Perhaps you are unaware of Nature’s use of fire. We humans have come to think of fire as a bad thing, a destructive thing, a thing to be feared. But Nature uses fire to rejuvenate and to grow anew. When fires burn everything clean in a forest, for example, the ashes and charcoal left behind feeds the earth in order to provide fuel and nutrients for new growth. Diseased plants and harmful insects are eradicated and therefore do not spread to infect larger areas. Animals move out of danger and return to feed on tender young grasses and plants.

Out With the Old, in With the New

So, too, do the metaphorical fires of March burn us clean, leaving behind a nutrient-dense palette ready for filling with colorful new thoughts, new beliefs, new experiences. When we leave behind the old, we make ready for the new.

All of this sounds exciting and appealing, yes? Of course it does. You are hardwired to want to grow and to experience new things. You are designed to want to evolve and change. Starting over with what is essentially a clean slate sounds like a wonderful idea, doesn’t it?

Stand in the Flames of Change

The hard part is getting there. First you have to withstand the flames. Then you have to remember that you are bigger than any fire could possibly be, and that you are eternal and therefore can stand firm despite what may seem like life toppling about all around you. But trust in the process, trust in your ability to prevail through even the darkest times, trust in the light that always appears even when you have forgotten it is there.


On the personal front, things could get a little gnarly this month. You’ll have ups and downs that you won’t be able to attribute to anything else. Just do your best to ride with the ups and downs and to not read much into them — they’re just how things will be this month. Accept them. the way you accept the tides and the phases of the moon, and you’ll be all right. Resist these ups and downs and you invite yourself into a world of more pain than is necessary. 

By the end of the month, however, you may look forward to a feeling of freshness, of renewal, of the kind of peace that comes with a clean slate to build upon. That will be the time to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. This month won’t be easy to get through, but you will come out on the other side of the fires no matter how hot it may seem at times.


Here we go — into the fires! Here is where things really heat up. If last month wasn’t enough to allow you to release relationships that aren’t serving your highest good, then you get a big boost of fiery energy this month to help you along in the process. It’s all good in the end, but meanwhile, in the midst of things, you may of course feel some rather sharp pangs of longing and even rejection, depending on which end of the letting-go you’re on. Remember that you are all in this thing together, and that you cannot ever take Love out of a relationship — it just isn’t possible.

The way you’ll get through what could be a challenging month for your love, family, friendship, and work relationships is this: send love wherever you can. No matter what, send love. No matter if you feel sad, or rejected, or if you are the one letting go — send love. 

The way you do this is simple. Focus on your heart. Breathe into your heartspace and make it three times as big. Fill up your heartspace with Love. Imagine it is a balloon, filled with Love. (Remember that you always have access to an infinite wellspring of Love.) Then send that balloon filled with Love to the person or people in question. Do this as many times a day as you feel inspired to. 

The more Love you send, the more you will feel.


Because fires inspire growth, you can expect this month to bring you fresh new spiritual insights and realizations. Along the way to those insights and realizations, however, is a twisty path that may cause you first to call into question your beliefs and thoughts about how the world works, what is real, and who you are. No biggie. You’ve got this thing.

Remember that the purpose of a fire in Nature is to shake up the life that dwells within its space. So it only follows that your inner fires this month will shake you up, perhaps to your very core. Like the ups and downs in your personal life, let this shake-up be okay. Allow it to rock your world. Know that you will come out the other side intact, and you’ll come out not only intact but a wiser person for it. Again, trust in the process. You have your own back on this one.


As if the political world wasn’t already shaken enough, this month we get much closer to the core of things. Look for additional uprisings and movements that symbolize the power of the connected individual, the collection of people who have no goal other than to make the world better for everyone. Not long ago you had the #MeToo movement, and last month the #NeverAgain movement — this month a new event spawns a new movement, to soon become the tumbling avalanche of social change that benefits humanity in tender, meaningful ways.

Look also in the US for announcements that shake the apples at the top of the tree, helping to burn clean what has become rotted and diseased. While this month’s fires won’t be enough to burn everything to the ground so as to start afresh, they will help reveal more and more of what must be burned in the future.

Global Nature

As the metaphoric fires burn us on personal, relational, spiritual and political fronts, they focus energy into creating literal fires, much as focusing sunlight through a magnifying glass causes a leaf to burst into flames. Expect potential fires to burn across parts of Australia, New Zealand, and Chile.

Elsewhere, energies converge to create a disruption that brings shockwaves across the planet. This can manifest as actual shockwaves (earthquakes, volcanic activity) or as simply a disruption in the global “food web”, which can manifest as large-scale species deaths or climate change activity. If earthquakes do appear, they will likely be in the areas of Japan, Alaska, or Chile, while volcanic activity could be seen in Italy, northern US, or the South Pacific.

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