Aura Ruxandra Moldovan

Every one of us is a walking, breathing Multiverse. New Earth is within each breath we take and each choice we make. We are the New Earth. We are Allconsciousness.

Consultation Type: Online
Contact Method: Email
Languages: English, Swedish, Romanian

Address: Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden.


Aura Ruxandra Moldovan

Aura Youniverse

~ Member Since 2019

Helping people around the world to reclaim their power by reconnecting with their True Essence is my biggest joy. Born as a psychic medium, since childhood I’ve been aware of our multidimensional aspect and practiced energy work in various ways throughout my life. My NDE from March 2008 provided an even deeper understanding of our essence and life itself. It amplified my passion for psychology, philosophy, Buddhism, hypnotherapy, Dolores Cannon’s work and drove me to create my own way of practicing quantum healing and energy alchemy. Through my own process of healing I’ve created the procedures I refer to as “Origins Integration Method” and “Renewal Alchemy” which enabled me to navigate and integrate the multilayered, interdimensional aspects of myself and understand and neutralize significant events throughout my life. With the help of a step by step guide book containing workshops and an ever-growing expansion toolkit I encourage you to adapt & implement these practices of rediscovery, regeneration and liberation in you own way on your path of healing and integration throughout your life. All sessions are Donation-Based. For more information, please visit my website In infinite love, Aura ❤️


• Clinical Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Certification
• Beyond Quantum Healing Certification
• Quantum Connect Certification
• Quantum Alchemy Channeling Certification
• Quantum Alchemy Channeling Certification

• BA Fashion Design & Marketing – University of Westminster
• BA Humanities in Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Gender Studies, Graphic Design, Cultural Entrepreneurship – Uppsala University
• Basic Education Studies – Uppsala University


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