Harris The Pony

Animal Talk – Harris the Pony

We continue communicating with the Equines at Candace’s Kansas Farm, Atira Moon. Today we chat with Harris, a 20 year... Read more »

PLR Like a Movie

Jumpstarting Imagination: Is PLR like Watching a Movie?

It is a common belief that having a “successful” Past Life Regression means that you watch a movie of that... Read more »

Dolores And Candace

Dolores Cannon Speaks on Expectations

Listen to what Dolores herself has to say about client expectations when they book a Quantum Healing session. In this... Read more »

Quantum Healing With Family

Quantum Healing With Family?

A common question asked by practitioners, but clients may also wonder about family members facilitating quantum healing sessions. In this... Read more »

Qh Hybrid Civilization

Do We Live in a Hybrid Civilization Already?

Do we live in a Hybrid Civilization already? Is the transhumanism plan fully activated? Tena, Karen and Iris

Quantum Conversation Love Healing Or Creation

Love, Healing or Creation?

Love, Healing and Creation. What do these things have in common and what does art have to do with healing... Read more »

Dipinto Acquerello Telepatia Empatia. Comunicazione Con Pensiero

What are Surrogate Quantum Healing Sessions?

What are surrogate quantum healing sessions?What did Dolores Cannon say about them?What were her parameters?What do practitioners of today think... Read more »

Surrender To Surrender

Surrender to Surrender

Amar (previously known as Andrew Martin, and why I call him both names in the video) and I have known... Read more »

Algorithms Cons Qc Jenn Wertz

Algorithms Consciousness & Quantum Connect

A fun and deep conversation with Quantum Healer, artist, and musician Jenn Wertz. Inspired by a conversation had amongst healers... Read more »

Practitioner Outreach Ideas

New Practitioner Outreach Ideas

We at QuantumHealers.com LOVE new practitioners! This fun conversation takes us into considering how to best grow our practice and... Read more »

Surrogate Sessions

Learn About Quantum Healing Surrogate Sessions

Quantum Healing Surrogate Sessions, are they authentic? Helpful? A crutch? What did Dolores Cannon say about them, how else are... Read more »

Qh Question Week Bqh Intention

BQH Question of the Week: Intention

Transcript Hi everyone, it’s Candace Craw-Goldmann, back again with Question of the week. The question is, why does BQH focus... Read more »

Driving with Dolores Cannon

Driving with Dolores Cannon

Driving along long stretches of highway or along familiar routes, often we go into a light trance state. Alpha brainwaves... Read more »

Are Past Lives Required in Past Life Regression Hypnosis?

Are Past Lives Required in Past Life Regression Hypnosis?

The question of the week this week’s question comes from our support forum. And I’ve got some notes, and I’m... Read more »

Golden Light Explosion Background. Generative Ai

Powerful Source Level BQH Session

The following video showcases an online BQH session where the client spends quite a little bit of time in the... Read more »

Two People Communicate With Thoughts Without Words. Telepathy.

Dreams, Dolores, Donna and Immersion

The Dreamscape has always been rich with clues, information, and ideas. When selectively and thoughtfully shared with like-minded people, it... Read more »

Exercise Endorphins Do Exist!

Exercise Endorphins Do Exist!

We all have heard the term endorphin. We know they are feel good chemicals that are also good for our... Read more »

Hickory Is Here

Animal Talk Ep. 4: Hickory is HERE!

This is Animal Talk Ep. 4. In this episode we talk to Hickory after he has been living at the... Read more »

Pamela Aaralyn Catching Up 2024 Thumb V2

Catching up with Pamela Aaralyn

Today I am catching up with Channeler and Teacher Pamela Aaralyn. She is a world-renowned Trance Channel, Mystic, Spiritual Teacher,... Read more »

Animal Talk Hickory Comes Home

Animal Talk Ep. 3: Hickory Comes Home

This is Animal Talk Ep. 3. In this episode we talk to Hickory post auction. He knows whose farm he... Read more »

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