Practitioner Outreach Ideas

New Practitioner Outreach Ideas

Common Questions and Concerns ,Meet the Practitioners

We at LOVE new practitioners! This fun conversation takes us into considering how to best grow our practice and reach clients. Some of our best tips – and we will share more tips in future shows.

Chrysilla Lewies

Chrysilla Lewies is an extraordinary woman. She is a gifted medium and psychic as well as a talented practitioner, journalist and reporter. She also has a very large and kind heart. Chrysilla is one of our long time members, joining us years before Dolores Cannon made her transition. There are many people who come and go in this work, but not Silla and we are very happy about that in our Quantum Healers Community!

Let’s hear from her about how she first learned about Dolores:

I was listening to Dolores Cannon speak about elementals and the centre of the earth in 2012. It’s as if I was meant to find this particular video of her on YouTube. Afterward, I immediately looked her up and found that she will be visiting London in a few weeks. I didn’t hesitate to get my ticket and I excited to hear all about her regression work and where all these fascinating stories were originating from. It was at this meeting where my life, as I knew it, would change forever.

What’s your message about this work to a prospective client who might want a session?

Life is about having an experience. If you are curious about a session, your curiosity is there for a reason. Explore it with an open mind, with no expectations, and you might surprise yourself. I think some great advice for anyone would be  to be curious and never be afraid to ask questions.

 I have the ability to show you what you don’t see yourself. I’ve worked extremely hard to learn all there is about spirituality, psychology, and metaphysics, but even though I can show you the doorway, you will have to walk through it.

What’s your favorite tip for new practitioners?

When you start your journey it takes time to build confidence. Don’t be too hard on yourself. The biggest lesson I learned is energy is an exchange. Be mindful of who you allow to have access to your energy to not leave you feeling low and depleted.

How has this Community helped you as a practitioner?

Pathways that fire together, wire together. This community is priceless. We all become a better practitioners through learning and sharing.

Who has influenced you and your work?

I feel the I’ve been influenced throughout my life through many mentors and cannot name just one. “When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready… The teacher will Disappear.” – Lao Tzu

Sarah Webb

Sarah Webb showed up in the Community in a big way! With her own incredible BQH healing…from cancer! Sarah along with her husband Travis have made a strong connection with expanded energies for healing and are quickly expanding themselves, particularly in their use of Light Language. Here is her story:

My journey started when I was diagnosed with lymphoma. I was searching for a way to heal myself, and discovered Dolores Cannon and Quantum Healing Hypnosis, and then I discovered Beyond Quantum Healing, a similar modality created by Candace Craw-Goldman, which is more expansive and can be done remotely. I had my own BQH session and was able to heal myself completely. This was so incredible to me that I decided I wanted to help others to learn to heal as well. I took the BQH course and became a practitioner. After a time, I also took the Quantum Connect course, in order to have more tools in my toolbox. 

What’s a typical day like for you?

If I am not busy facilitating a BQH session or a Quantum Connect Session, I work on podcast episodes, create guided meditations, or light language recordings. I have many new offerings I’m working on! I also record channelings with the Archangels with my husband, Travis, that we share in our podcast and on YouTube.

How has this Community helped you as a practitioner?

I have gotten to know so many wonderful people through the Quantum Healers community, some of whom I consider to be my dearest friends. I have learned so much through connecting with other practitioners. There is so much knowledge and friendship in the community.

What other work do you do besides being a Practitioner? (if any)

I am also a photographer! I don’ t do that as often now, but at times I do still have photography sessions.

What’s your favorite tip for new practitioners?

Trust your guides – they are the best friends you have!

What makes you most excited about doing this work?

The relief that it brings to people who are living life in pain. Knowing that I helped someone to feel better is the best feeling in the world.

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