The Soul Carries Trauma Through Lifetimes

The Soul Carries Trauma through Lifetimes

Our forum supports modalities of all kinds, worldwide, and as we all come from different backgrounds, there’s always someone to... Read more »

A Doubting Thomas

A Doubting Thomas

Article by Lumila Duhot Ludmila has been practicing BQH for more than a year now and she’s a valuable member of... Read more »

No Such Thing As A Failed Session

No Such Thing as a Failed Session

Note from Candace, The founder of the Original Quantum Healing Support Forum. “Our Community is one of the most amazing... Read more »

Higher Self Knows Best

Higher Self Knows Best

We don’t speak division – we speak unity. In a recent QHHT® session Madeline was shown several lives: a leader... Read more »

Forum Highlights September 7-15, 2016

*For information about Forum Highlights and a brief history of our Forum, please see this awesome article *   A Forum... Read more »

Healing - What Is Your Definition?

Healing – What Is Your Definition?

Healing is an important subject for our world. There is a well-known saying that “If you don’t have your health,... Read more »

Support Forum History and Highlights

'Quantum Healing Practitioners' is home for those who practice either Dolores Cannon’s pure and also evolving Quantum Healing Hypnosis method... Read more »

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