A Doubting Thomas

A Doubting Thomas

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Article by Lumila Duhot

Ludmila has been practicing BQH for more than a year now and she’s a valuable member of our Quantum Healers Community, but humbly she still considers herself a newbie. In this article her guides assist her with the ideas of  practitioner “lack” and “abundance.” .

 There were weeks in my work as a quantum healer when I “easily” attracted clients, other times when everything was so calm (meaning no clients at all) is when I began to have doubts about myself and about the path I have chosen.

During my time of complete “stagnation,” as I was perceiving it, I was trying to connect with my own guides, star family, and I was channeling messages through automatic writing. I’m now reading my journal, and I almost forgot about the doubts that I had. I’m in another place now, and I feel that these words might help practitioners who feel that they are “stuck,” or “blocked” in their practice (these are only our own beliefs).

Question: How can I be calm when I am my waiting for the next step and be abundant?

Answer: What are you waiting for? Waiting for something means that you are attached to a future that does not exist. Why do you wait for your future to remind yourself of your heart connection. You are divine already; go back to that space inside yourself. The future will not bring you the connection you are looking for as you are connecting in the now. “Do” things that bring you into the now. Raise your frequency in order to be in the now, listen to high frequency/vibrational music, and do something that brings you into a state of being. Meditation is a “doing” that brings you into the “being” for example. You see, when you are in a “being state”, a brief moment when you remind yourself of what your heart already knows, your ego will have no reference and it will try to tell you that what your heart is telling you is not right. Accept your ego, but please turn back to your heart’s voice. Your only mission is to be in your heart. Of course this means motion, but motion from your heart.

But to answer your question. See yourself as abundant now, see yourself as whole now, not tomorrow when something needs to happen. Can’t you see, you are already abundant and whole, for you are divine, and divinity does not know anything about lack? Lack is a human construct. You don’t need to visualize anything or use affirmations. You can if you want to, but these are just processes you have created.

Please understand that you live a time when you all can go beyond all these processes, and you don’t need them anymore; you have outgrown them. You just need to look inside yourself and see what you already are and bring those energies into your physical form. It will happen naturally: you will create outside what you already have inside, but first you have to feel the abundance inside yourself. It doesn’t work the other way round, although this is what some might teach. So, turn back to your heart connection, stay present, observe how your ego acts or reacts, and create with purpose from that space of peace and detachment.

What you perceive as stagnation now is just a time for you to rest. Why do you want to do something all the time? Don’t you like that amazing feeling when you go back in your cosy bed and feel all your muscle relax before going to sleep? Well take this time to feel exactly this. Rest, while exercising your channeling “muscles”, let things just unfold for you. If there’s something you don’t want to do, don’t. Don’t create tasks just for the sake of feeling that you have done something today.

You perceive yourself as blocked? We tell you that you are creating the time and space now to merge with yourself and create something new. The old is not relevant anymore. You are consciously and unconsciously de-constructing what you think you are, in order to get back to the core of your being”.

I hope this message will resonate with those who feel things are not moving as fast as they would like

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