No Such Thing As A Failed Session

No Such Thing as a Failed Session

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Note from Candace, The founder of the Original Quantum Healing Support Forum. “Our Community is one of the most amazing online support forums for healers of which I am aware. It’s a loving and supportive place where we share stories and advice with new and experienced practitioners alike. Over the years we have found that some, particularly the newer practitioners, want to carry the majority of responsibility of a session outcome upon their own shoulders. 

Dolores Cannon, world renowned Quantum Healer and teacher, however was famous for saying, “90% of what happens in a session is up to the client” and this statement still rings true. A loving and dedicated practitioner can assist and support you in a beautiful way, but no one can create the inner experience for you. You must be ready, open, and be willing to suspend any limiting beliefs that might come into play.

The following post by quantum healer Heather Wexler was written within the context of a practitioner to practitioner conversation, but the information and the ideas presented can be valuable to both healers and potential clients.”

One of the hardest things to overcome when you first begin your journey as a BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) or a QHHT® (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) practitioner is transitioning from a student to a paid professional. It’s one thing to offer practice sessions so that you can become comfortable with the technique, and it’s another thing to find the confidence required to charge your clients for sessions.

As a new practitioner, I found myself constantly struggling with this. With every new client a pit grew in my stomach. All my doubts were renewed no matter how successful the previous session had been. “Will it work this time? Will it work for this person? Am I doing it right? Am I doing something wrong?” I had to talk myself out of holding my breath and crossing my fingers for luck as I went into each appointment.

It felt like the entire weight of success or failure was resting on my shoulders. If that person didn’t receive what they felt they needed, the blame would lie with me. How can I take money for a “failed” session?

As a member of the Quantum Healing Forum, I often found relief in the numerous posts regarding this subject and the answers to every post regarding “Failed Sessions” or “Disappointed Clients.” “There is no such thing as a failed session. Every client gets exactly what they need.” But this constant reassurance was still not enough to ease my worries.

What I’ve discovered, and what I would like to share with you today, will hopefully bring some relief. The thread that finally strengthened my resolve with regards to charging for sessions was the realization that my job is not to get the client the answers they want to hear. My job is to facilitate a handshake between client, practitioner and our guides, for the client to receive the answers they need, and in the way they will understand.

That is why it’s important to stress to clients from the moment they contact you that a BQH/QHHT® session is all about teamwork. Each client will come with their own preconceptions that must be thoroughly explored prior to going into trance. Sometimes, their only means of comparison are other familiar modalities like psychic readings or listening to those who channel on YouTube. I can’t count the number of times people have talked to me about making an appointment for “a reading.” Showing they have no concept of what their role will be during a facilitated Quantum Healing session.

When someone is seeking a session with a preconceived expectation, and all they have to do is lay on a couch or bed and wait for things to happen to them; you have your work cut out for you. That is why the most important thing you can do for both the client and yourself is to start shifting their perspective.

It’s like when a client takes a picture of a hairstyle to a hairdresser expecting the style to look the same on them as it looks on the model. The client only sees the hairstyle. The stylist sees the style: the hair texture, the density, the color, the face shape and any number of other factors that will alter the way it looks on the person who wants it. That’s why consultations are so important!

No Such Thing As A Failed Session Female Back
No Such Thing As A Failed Session Female Back

I try to be very diligent before a session with regards to asking the client to describe what they think it might be like to be hypnotized. How do they expect to receive information? Normally, I would like to know what experience, if any, they’ve had and if their expectations have been influenced by television or social media. Knowing this helps me see where I can expand their awareness.

If, for instance, a client is expecting to see a movie play as if they were watching it on a screen behind closed eyes, that person might cut themselves off from a number of other important delivery systems; being too focused on receiving information in that one way. Feeling sensations like heat or cold, emotional reactions, a sense of knowing, even smell or taste can convey important messages from spirit.

Sometimes a client may feel stuck because they “can’t see anything.” In the client’s mind seeing “blackness” equates to seeing nothing. However, seeing “blackness” is often a message in and of itself. For example, in a recent session a client was met with blackness, and we couldn’t move past it to access their past lives. As a new practitioner I was perplexed! The Higher Self explained: this was their first time here on Earth and there were no past lives to view.

Another client who was also seeing black was asked to explore it, and she started describing how it felt: “It was warm and comfortable, it felt safe.” When she opened her other senses she could hear a heartbeat. Her guides had put her in a womb. We discovered that because she is always on the go, her guides wanted her to experience the comfort of stillness with the hope that she would be more open to start a daily meditation practice.

If you are diligent in your consultation and pre-talk with regards to discussing any misconceptions, fears or doubts, the session will be built on a strong foundation of mutual understanding and realistic expectations. And if the client ends up blocking any messages as a result of fears or doubts they are not ready to release, then there is little you can do.

That’s where it all ties back, to ~teamwork~. The client will have to allow for the process to unfold. They have to accept that information might come in many different ways. They even have to entertain the idea that answers will be presented in the days or weeks following their session as they might need to be shown information as it relates to everyday life. The session, in this case, is a means of first contact; an opening of the communication gateway to facilitate an enhanced relationship with their guides.

Know that the client will get results. Having faith in that will allow you to take note of the little validations they received in sessions. All you can do as a Quantum Healing practitioner is try and shift the client away from their preconceptions in both the pre-talk and the after session talk; the rest is up to them. And if you spend your time doing that, you will no longer worry about whether the client got their money’s worth. You’ve done your job!

Article by Heather Wexler

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