Healing - What Is Your Definition?

Healing – What Is Your Definition?

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Healing is an important subject for our world. There is a well-known saying that “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.” In the spiritual field, there are many ways healing is achieved and we talk about healing all the time as it manifests in so many ways. As a quantum healing hypnosis practitioner, we “hold space” for those who are ready to explore aspects of themselves that will allow for healing to take place. You may also feel drawn to spiritual healing, Reiki, Quantum Touch or EFT to name a few of the other ways a quantum healer can assist a client. All of these approaches are, forms of energy healing that can help heal or alleviate any spiritual or physical concerns you might have. Healing can be meditation, a prayer or a thought. The following excerpts originate from a discussion on the Original Quantum Healing Support Forum

What is your definition of healing?

Candace Craw-Goldman says “I no longer consider “healing” to be an elimination or resolution of a challenge, but more of an integration which can then facilitate resolution. With that being said, healing can occur through many modalities of quantum healing but until you integrate or accept certain aspects or discover the root cause of your challenge your symptoms or illness might return. Candace Stubblefield also a QHHT® practitioner describes it this way, “Healing is a transition from one feeling/pattern/behaviour to another. As 3D beings most often the ‘another’ is something we perceive as better or more beneficial for us. I am still learning that nothing is wrong and it’s all a lesson. There is often lots of shame and guilt to work through or heal.”

As healers we see how emotional trauma manifests into the physical body and this is the way the body speaks to us by giving us a symptom as an indication of what we need to work on.  Getting to know and understand what you are feeling and why you’re feeling that way could be the key.  Some seek relief for ailments through doctors and prescription medicine but that can quickly become a crutch as that way we tend to avoid the issue of the cause. (Please note most quantum healers are not physicians and you must seek professional care if you feel you are in need urgent help.)

Alternative therapies may get you out of the “feeling stuck” phase you might be in and all healing modalities have their own special qualities that are beautiful to witness. I believe healing is to be in perfect balance and harmony, emotionally and physically. Changing what you can and accepting what you cannot, but with so many views and all of them are valid Lory Pollina says “Health is the body dealing with whatever you are going through. Healing is a return of the health orbit to a higher state of completion. In other words, we evolve in our attempt to complete the cycles of our body, mind, and spirits’ physical responses to our incarnations into form. Nicole Rivera believes “Healing is the journey toward remembering who we truly are. (Unconditional Love/One with Source) That journey entails transcending the ego by understanding and not judging our (and other’s) human “flaws” and rising above them and forgiving ourselves and others. Healing is the understanding that we are creating our circumstances, including our physical, mental and emotional “ailments”, getting to the root cause and transmuting it into love”.

There are many ways to look at healing and accepting that healing is possible if we believe it can be. There are innumerable modalities that can help if we feel drawn to them.

Don’t limit a limitless power, be open to receive and so it will be!

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Article by Chrysilla E Lewies

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