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Quantum Healing Forum

'Quantum Healing Practitioners' is home for those who practice either Dolores Cannon’s pure and also evolving Quantum Healing Hypnosis method and for those who want to help people through a wide variety of energy and spiritually aligned methods

We got started in 2008, when Dolores decided that facilitators formally trained in her technique needed a place to seek guidance, share stories and ask advice of others practicing her method. With direct approval from Dolores, Candace Craw-Goldman established the very first student group forum and soon experienced practitioners and new students alike had daily exchanges of information, and friendships blossomed worldwide. Our group is now called the Original Quantum Healing Support Forum.

For those who like to know what’s going on, or if you don’t like to tune in every day, weekly forum *highlights* are compiled as a brief digest and are posted for everyone. It’s a great way to catch up on some of the stories shared that week, as well as provide a way to share with the world what vibrant conversations and wonderful knowledge sharing take place on our Forum. Each week we will be posting these highlights here on our Directory blog.

With thousands of people around the world trained in Dolores’ Method of Quantum Healing Hypnosis, and many more newly trained practitioners joining every month, the Forum serves as a gathering point for those who plan to continue to practice Dolores’ amazing method. There are over 9 years’ worth of searchable data, answers, techniques and stories that can rapidly give the practicing facilitator important information. With over 3 million page views, and tens of thousands of posts it is the ‘go to place’ for all info related to Quantum Healing and we’re in the process of building comparable Forums for other methodologies as well.

The following types of information are available on the Forum.

  • Basic Practitioner information and documentation
  • Industry best Practitioner Directory
  • Managing your client sessions, from preparation through debrief
  • FAQ’s
  • Shared Session Stories with loads of comments and advice
  • A place to ask questions and get timely and helpful answers
  • Group Projects and Events
  • Marketing advice on how to build your practice
  • Interviews of Practitioners on Quantum Healing
  • Information YouTube Network (To promote Quantum Healing and your practice)
  • Free and fully populated (and customizable) Wix Quantum Healing website templates.
  • and More Features will be added over time

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy our ‘Forum Highlights’ series and upcoming blogs.  For Questions about our Quantum Healer Directory or any of our Forums, please contact us here or at

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