Forum Highlights September 7-15, 2016

Quantum Healing Forum

*For information about Forum Highlights and a brief history of our Forum, please see this awesome article *  

A Forum first! In just a couple of weeks members will be getting together in KC, MO to discuss and make plans for the Forum’s expansion. Parts of the conference will be broadcast worldwide via Zoom for members who cannot attend in person. One of the highlights for attendees only will be Pamela Aaralyn channeling Dolores Cannon live, including Q&A!

And one Forum member had a bright idea which benefited all. He decided to book a personal appointment with Pamela so that he could ask Dolores personally about session difficulties he’s been experiencing. Coming prepared to share, the session was recorded and posted for all to benefit from.

There is little debate among practitioners about the most difficult types of clients to work with. Two members posted questions on their sessions with left brain dominant clients and received a plethora of experienced advice.

And this week health was a major topic on practitioner’s minds. The topics ranged from vaccinations to Deet & Zika, to the use of Colloidal Silver and more.

Boy does the subconscious know who to test! A new practitioner had a client who was physically choking during a death scene and then later stopped breathing while she was asking questions to the subconscious. How is that for a 13th session?

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