The Soul Carries Trauma Through Lifetimes

The Soul Carries Trauma through Lifetimes

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BQH practitioner Nina Raphaella Morrocco asked the following question in our Practitioner Forum: If trauma and emotion is a product of the mind, why does the soul carry them through lifetimes? 

Answered by BQH / QHHT® practitioner Patricia Grootjans

Dear Nina,

My perspective on this is that trauma and emotions do not come from the mind.

Everything is energy: our soul is energy, our emotions are energy and our mind is energy.

Trauma and emotions are absorbed by the soul and when our brain has not processed the trauma and emotions then the soul will take these to other dimensions. Usually after we pass our soul goes through processing the traumas with help from light beings, soul groups, and guides.

Some traumas are released by then. However, when the trauma was severe and the higher consciousness or council decides it is best for the soul to incarnate again to learn lessons around this trauma, the soul will incarnate carrying over the old trauma that is in its energy-signature.

Often that is exactly how the next incarnation in chosen: it matches the energy signature of the soul and the trauma. So the soul can chose a family or culture that carries a similar trauma or that resonates with it as it is in the same frequency. 

As an esoteric astrologer, I have studied why family members come together and it often has to do with working out old traumas from past lives. The mind and the brain are like a computer that helps organising the energy and information. But the information and energy does not disappear when the computer crashes. It just means the computer can’t read the information anymore. Processing trauma and information happens on multiple levels, our mind being one level. Our soul is the higher organiser of all the energies and information.

I used to have a general practitioner who was following the Rudolph Steiner / Waldorf anthroposophy and he made a distinction between common illnesses and illnesses that came from the wounded soul. He said arthritis was an example of an illness that is created by the soul’s traumas. 

Interesting isn’t it?

This means the body builds itself follow the soul signature with all the energy it carries from wisdom to trauma. 

I agree that water carries information and the water in our cells carry both DNA information as well as the information that our soul has collected and brought into this existence. We can change that information by releasing old trauma. We can change the soul imprint and we can change the water in our cells. 

Releasing emotions and transforming them into new information is how we do that and where we as light workers and therapists can play our part.

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