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Higher Self Knows Best

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We don’t speak division – we speak unity.

In a recent QHHT® session Madeline was shown several lives: a leader of a group of street urchins in the 1800’s, a transgender man in Victorian England who spent the second half of his life in hermitage in the forest, unable to integrate socially, and a Rishi, an Indian holy man who lived next to the Ganges, which is revitalized by the people’s chi flow. He died at dawn by leaving through his third eye.

Her Higher Self was powerful! I thought my heart would pop right out of my chest as the vibrations experienced were so beautiful. Several times the Higher Self revealed information and said: “She didn’t know this.” It’s hard to deny the information when it resonates.

“The Boulder area in Colorado carries a very high frequency: The Flatirons anchors and pulls in the Universal Light Energy into the earth as it anchors the light and life; the future and destiny of humanity on this planet. Many are light workers who came to help the planet in its transition. They have nobility. The collective courage in this area is strong. Even those in ignorance have much courage here and ignorance can be cured with knowledge. Courage is a choice.”

I asked if there are any other places in the U.S.A. that also hold a high vibration.

Madeline: “Mount Shasta, Four corners, some places in Arizona and the New Mexico desert. These are places where the density of the dark and the light come together, on neutral ground with no signs of battle as these places are at a standstill. The battle is outside of these locations and the victors of Light will be the builders of a new time in these areas of frequency where the vibration is of the highest. It’s a time of liberation from suffering. It’s a time of unity through love and diversity, thriving beauty with goodness. That’s the highest truth. That’s the new future of humanity.”

When I asked if this was the movement into the 5th dimension, the Higher Self said: “So be it, you must speak it in order for it to filter through as many minds of the collective as possible. You must let go of semantics to find a unified language that feeds into the different paradigms of the people. Through the release of the semantics, the knowledge of the vision you see will come. The collective vision creates itself through the collective agreement of the mind of the people. This is the power to transcend semantics and speak it.”

I enquired: “Being mindful of using a language that does not communicate to the masses?”

HS: “Indeed, and so be it, because then you speak against those who have paradigms that cause separation, but also have life affirming concepts within their constructs.

We don’t speak the division….we speak the unity.

The division will fall on its side when the truth reveals itself to the collective. We need not worry about the division. The vibration is Unity.”

Article by Terrell Just


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