Bologna=More than One Twin Flame by Angie Dollar

Bologna=More than One Twin Flame by Angie Dollar


More Than One Romantic Twin Flame:

Let’s look at the logic behind this bologna that there is more than one Romantic Twin Flame. The word Twin means two. That would be your Romantic Twin Flame and you. It’s not: “This twin has driven me insane. Now, I’m going to move on to the next Twin who I hope drives me less insane.”

If we have more than one Romantic Twin, this person will be called something else. We come to a general consensus that we have many Soul Mates. Robert Detzler, the writer of 5 books, and creator of the healing modalities Spiritual Response Therapy and Spiritual Restructuring, identified the possibility of more than one twin and also Flame Mates.

However, I believe there is one Romantic twin, and there can be other twins that are non-romantic. Otherwise, we would all give up when triggers are high between twins and move to the next twin as I stated above. Thus, hoping for an easier movement into union. There are also the Flame Mates, as Robert Detzler identified them. I believe these are what some refer to as catalyst, false twins, or near twins.

People Blocking You Who Don’t Believe in Soul Connections:

Let’s move on to the basic friend or family member who does not believe in Twin Flames or Soul Mates. My advice is to not even have conversations about your love life with these people. The average person who isn’t in your shoes isn’t going to understand your dynamic. They will ask you why you put up with this crap and tell you to move on.

If you have tried moving on, as I have done as my usually being the runner, moving on from this type of connection does not work. The energy pulling us back to our twin is too strong because we are actually being pulled back to self.

The energy of Surrender is a much more pleasant stage to be in instead of being in a Runner/Chaser Stage. If you are not receiving the support you feel you need, join a group, a meetup, or have clearing/releasing sessions with myself or someone you align with.


-I easily work through triggers with my Twin Flame.

-My vibration is raising to a higher, more positive level every day.

-I am on the path to Union moving more and more into Union at every moment.

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