Earth Vomiting Negative Energies

Earth Vomiting Negative Energies


I think that earth is improving, maybe falling apart in some areas in the process. The positive earth change requires us to “keep our own vibrations high” as some would say. I have suggestions on creating the life you want towards the end of this article, but let’s start with the earth as it is.

How many of us are waiting for change? I had someone who I thought was a friend and colleague do something unethical towards me recently. In the same day, another “spiritual” person was viciously yelling at me. I found it interesting because I‘m in a great place riding high energies. My business is performing well. Clients are getting healing and information. It seems I have noticed twice in the past when I was in such high vibration, I was attacked by some lower energy. It can seem to come out of nowhere because things are flowing in an almost heavenly or other worldly state. Do our guards go down when things are going so well?

I believe we are attacked when we are in a high vibration so that we are knocked back down to the vibration of the earth and most of the humans here. The energies around us attack like a magnetic pull to keep us aligned with earth as earth is now. 

At this time on earth, we’ve gone through the pandemic, political adjustments, and now war. These energies pull us telling us: “How dare you be in such a high vibration when many around you are aligning with the lower world energies.” Our friends and family subconsciously tell us: “Don’t leave me alone in my crap. Stay down here with me.”

Here’s what I do to disconnect from the lower vibrational alignment because I have to say that despite the two “friends” attacking me recently, I still feel wonderful. The earth and the people around me, can meet me where I am: happy, free, and peaceful.

My Suggestion:

See yourself as you truly are. You are more than this world. You are more than just this lifetime. We know it is true. However, when things are falling apart the easier road is to feel undeserving and not enough. You are enough. You have been given a difficult set of cards to deal with considering the world you have lived in. Many say do not go into victim mode or blaming mode. I think it is important to point fingers at the abusers, users, assholes, etc. Then we can look at forgiving ourselves and releasing from the past energies. Tell our inner wounded child and wounded adult that it was not all our fault. Sometimes a place (earth) or a person (an ass) had something to do with us feeling undeserving of a wonderful life. At other times it is our fault. As I said, forgive self, forgive others (not condoning them, just releasing).

Then go out and get that life. I do believe in hypnosis and energy work. The inner work has helped me and my clients tremendously. However, it is also important to physically move forward. Take a step. Have a plan. Be willing to change the plan when necessary. Get up when you fall. Sometimes, even laugh when you fall. Seek help. Look at what others did who achieved in the area where your goals are. Did I say goals? Do you have goals? Have you written goals down? Do it now. Write your goals down. Give yourself time for treating yourself like you are valuable because you are valuable. Don’t let anyone treat you like you aren’t valuable. If they do, put them in the asshole category, and move your vibration up and away from them. Most of all, love yourself. You deserve love.

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