Mass Awakening

Mass Awakening


Several Twin Flames are coming to me for QHHT, BQH, or SRT Energy Clearings. It seemed that for about six months or so, I was not having many new Twin Flame clients. There are also many people awakening quickly that are coming in instead of awakening taking years. I wonder why these people are coming forward now. Could it be mass ascension?

All that is going on in the world with the virus, riots, and election, where are you placing your energy? I know some people who are in a state of fear with everything that is going on all at once. It is easy to go to the state of fear when this planet has not been easy for many of us. I did have a client come in recently who said, “Childhood was good, life was good, I just want to try QHHT.”

This is the only client who has ever come to me happy and just wanting to try something out. Everyone else has come in with at least one major issue. Many come in with two or three or even more huge things to work through. So, it only makes sense that we would go into fear when there is a virus, riots, and election issues all at once. We expect trauma and difficulties within our lives while on this planet because this has been our experience probably since childhood.

Now, the good stuff. The things that are happening on the planet at this time are a catalyst for ascension. All the clients coming to me are having sessions where they are seeing, hearing, and/or experiencing amazing information about the future. Several clients are getting the same information about the future: Communities working to grow their own food and help each other; People are happy and healthy; Twin Flames have let go of what has kept them from union, and Twins are physically living together; People who are causing huge negative issues on this planet are gone; The political system is different; There’s less people here; We are still in physical bodies yet we feel lighter in that there’s not the heaviness on the planet anymore.

This is a time to stay positive when it appears the world is falling apart. Know that what I wrote about the sessions are true. We are headed towards a better world that is filled with love, peace, health, and abundance.

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