Tony Robbins: Torture Unleash the Power Within Seminar: Reptilian Aliens? Negative Entities?

Tony Robbins: Torture Unleash the Power Within Seminar: Reptilian Aliens? Negative Entities?


What planet is Tony Robbins from? Did you know negative entities can be removed? 

Throughout my spiritual journey as a human on Earth, I have had many obstacles to overcome such as abuse and poverty. My point regarding my past is that I have been through some shit. But I have also worked through some shit. I started with psychotherapy and medications as a young adult. Eight years ago, I found energy clearing and hypnosis. I have been hypnotized at least 20 times and have had countless energy sessions. Besides all that, I work as a hypnotist and energy healer. 

I think once we start the spiritual search within, the Earthy self-help learning is not enough. However, Tony Robbins was offering a virtual “Unleash the Power Within“ seminar, and I wanted to try something new. 

During the Unleash the Power Within seminar, Tony Robbins is only at the seminar two of the four days. Joseph McClendon presented one day. At one point McClendon was on the floor on his stomach crawling around. I found this to be disturbing and reptilian like. Humm…Are Tony Robbins and Joseph McClendon reptilian aliens? Considering I felt my energy was sucked and replaced with negative energy and entities throughout the seminar, I determined they have high levels of reptilian energy or some other negative aspect. I had to do major energy clearing and place shields on myself each day.

On the two days Tony Robbins was there, he simply regurgitates what self-help gurus of the past have stated for years. Plus, Tony is all over the place. He does not finish one topic before going to another topic. His same stories are told over and over. Does Tony Robbins need energy clearing, brain restructuring, or hypnosis?

Between his two sentences of self-help information he took from Napoleon Hill or some other great of the past, Tony Robbins tells everyone to stand, clap, and jump around. I feel that causes participants’ endorphins to activate so their mood improves, which they associate to the Tony Robbins seminar. As their endorphins rise, does the negative aspect of Tony Robbins siphon off their positive energy? 

What positive experiences have you had while in your spiritual or self-help journey? I have had many positive experiences but not with Tony Robbins. 

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