Miracles & Amanda Eller Missing for Over 2 Weeks by: Angie Dollar

Miracles & Amanda Eller Missing for Over 2 Weeks by: Angie Dollar


Do you believe in miracles?


A couple weeks ago a friend asked me to assist with a missing person. My friend said she could feel the lady, Amanda Eller, is still alive. I could feel the doubt of what others were feeling. 


My friend asked me to do Energy Clearing around the situation. I did Energy Clearing for several days for Amanda and her boyfriend, Ben, plus facilitating a surrogate BQH session twice to connect with Amanda on a higher level. 


I asked a couple of powerful people to confirm Amanda was still alive. It was interesting to me that the two powerful healers/psychics I asked were not able to get a clear yes or no. I believe Amanda may have been in a limbo state between life and death and/or most of her consciousness was in a higher dimension. 


Everything I was getting from my own higher connections was: Amanda is alive, in her body, on earth, now. 


I work with source and what is called my High Self (not Higher Self). My connection kept me moving through the healing with positive energy, and I was reminded over and over by my inner guidance that: “She is alive. Miracles are possible. This will be seen as a miracle. Don’t let people forget this miracle.” Do you ever hear something over and over or get a strong message that you feel you have to follow? I know to follow my inner guidance. Trusting the positive inner guidance you hear is important. 


I completely feel that this situation could have gone the other way with Amanda not surviving. But if we are to look for evidence at how the earth is rising in vibration and people are awakening, isn’t it important to notice and remember all these miracles around us.  


I ask you to feel into these miracles. Take time to meditate or just relax for a moment and look though time at all the miracles you’ve ever experienced and ever heard of. Then take time to visualize all the miracles that are coming into your beautiful 5th dimensional future.  Allow those miracles to come to you and to come to the world all around you.  




-We deserve miracles. 

-We deserve a beautiful life in a beautiful world.  

-Our lives are full of unlimited miracles.

-I experience miracles every day. 

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