I Have to Contact my Twin Flame Now! Contacting the Runner Twin Flame         by Angie Dollar

I Have to Contact my Twin Flame Now! Contacting the Runner Twin Flame by Angie Dollar


You can contact your Twin. This is not the typical old-fashioned relationship where the man leads. In the typical old-fashioned relationship, the woman is waiting by the phone. The woman who has confidence and options, is out with friends or out with another man because she refuses to wait for anyone. 

The Twin Flame Dynamic is different. Even the women that had their pick of men, are brought to their knees when this Twin Flame connection hits them right in the heart. This is an entirely new dynamic that sends attractive, intelligent woman, freaking out feeling: I’ve got to call, show up at his door, Skype, stalk his Facebook, etc. 

I write “she” because it is usually the divine feminine who is awake to the connection before the man. Although, it sometimes seems that the divine feminine can be in a male body, and the divine male can be in a female body. 

When there is runner/chaser, there is some sort of balance that has to take place within the Twin Flame dynamic so that Surrender and then Union can take place. 

Balance: I’ll reach out occasionally knowing that my Twin may not respond. I’ll get on with my life looking at what I want to change within me. When my Twin returns, not if, but when my Twin returns, I want to be at my best. That means I’ve worked to raise my vibration to the highest possible level. I’ve changed jobs, lost weight, started a new hobby, done energy healing, met some new high vibrational friends, and so forth. 

I’ll send my Twin love and forgiveness. I’ll remember that my Twin is healing, working through karma, and/or improving in some way. 

The other option is not a pretty one: I'll be angry, depressed, and obsessed. As we are raising in vibration towards an ascension to a 5th dimensional earth and above, we are starting to connect more to gifts and abilities such as telepathy. Who would be the first person we would be able to communicate by telepathy? Our twin of course. 

If you are thinking negative thoughts towards your twin, those negative thoughts are one of the things that creates a barrier between you and your twin. 

Release the negative energy towards your twin as much as you can and hold love and forgiveness. 


-I release anger, hate, disappointment, jealously, unforgiveness, fill-in-the-blank. 

-I only hold love in my heart for this other part of me.

-I see us as being together, in union, in this life now.

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