Sedona, Arizona-Like Being on Another Planet by Angie Dollar


NOTE: The photo was taken by me while in the front seat of a helicopter over the Airport Vortex in Sedona, Arizona. 

Living in Houston, Texas is like being in a constant parking lot. Anywhere we drive to, getting on a major highway is required. People are too busy to be polite. I can't remember the last time a stranger initiated a conversation with me first in Houston. And when I'm friendly, sometimes that friendliness is welcome and sometimes I get a strange look.

When I first entered the town of Sedona, Arizona, it was as if I left the busyness of Houston and entered a Heaven on Earth. An energy enveloped me which left me wondering whether I had lived there before, or will I live there in the future? My inner guidance clearly said: “You’ve lived in Sedona in another lifetime, and you may choose to live in Sedona in the future.”

At a time when many are talking about a New Earth, The Event, and a 5D existence, I have a few remarks after having visited Sedona.

I was shown a vision of a frame on a new house before the Sheetrock is in place. The house framing I was shown was in a light golden color. The area within the structure itself felt amazing-a feeling I would expect in a 5D existence. Sedona has the frame of a Heaven on Earth. If you are able to step into that Sedona frame of positive energy, positive people, beautiful views of mountains, healthy food, etc., you are entering a natural healing environment.

I conduct energy healing sessions as my job, my calling, my mission-whatever you would like to call it. If people choose to have energy healing conducted, but stay in energy polluted environments like: 1. Keep working around negative people. 2. Stay in relationships that aren't going anywhere, or the relationships are getting worse. 3. Keep living in a place that doesn't instill peace

…then look at what action needs to be taken.

Move to Sedona. Or look at how you can change your environment. Create a Sedona type lifestyle. Leave relationships that aren't in your highest and best good. Change jobs. Or avoid the negative people at work. The point is: Take action to improve your life. Energy work, hypnotism, BQH, QHHT, therapy…all of that may help your life. But what action are you taking after these helpful sessions? Create Sedona. Create your own 5D existence. You deserve it.


-I deserve a life full of love and happiness.

-I deserve freedom and health.

-I am always freely stepping forward, surrounded by love and beauty.

-My life is overflowing with everything I could want and more.

Copyright © 2014-2022 by Dollar Enterprises LLC, All rights Reserved

Copyright © 2014-2022 by Dollar Enterprises LLC, All rights Reserved

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