QHHT Compared to BQH

QHHT Compared to BQH


Dolores was adamant that hypnosis had to be conducted in person. If you are reading this you most likely searched for Dolores Cannon, QHHT, and/or BQH. Therefore, my guess is that you admire Dolores Cannon as many of us within the spiritual community do. Dolores Cannon’s contributions through her hypnosis technique and her books are beyond amazing. 

However, she was an older lady who couldn’t even operate a digital recorder for her client sessions. She was using cassette tapes long into the digital era. Her daughter showed her how to digitally record Dolores’ clients. Are some people just held back their limits regarding technology? 

My own father, a very intelligent man, was old enough to be my grandfather. He was in WWII. When personal computers were first being bought by the average person, my parents bought me a computer. When my father tried to operate my computer, he told me he was scared of the computer. This coming from a man with a Master’s Degree in Education. He had traveled the world as a trainer and technical writer. Plus, he was infantry during the war-his stories spanned liberating Jews, gunfire with the other side, and running out of food. Yet, he was afraid of the computer. 

Was Dolores Cannon simply limited by her beliefs regarding technology just as my father had technology limits? Our high selves, our guides, Source, etc. do not have the limit of us having to be in the same physical room to connect. They are not in a physical body. Therefore, they do not need the physical space between us to be small. If I am adhering to the limits in the QHHT community, I could ask: Do we need to be no more than three feet apart physically to conduct our sessions? 

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) can be conducted online through the use of technology. I use Zoom, and in some cases I will use Skype. I feel, as many of the BQH practitioners I have spoken to, feel BQH online results in sessions as good as QHHT or better. I feel the BQH sessions are sometimes even better than QHHT because the clients are in the comfort of their own homes. They do not have to drive through traffic to get to my office to end up in an unfamiliar environment. 

As we are working to release limiting beliefs and heal our own inner being so we can live our best life, why not also release limits around technology? 

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