Held Within the Turquoise Sea

Held Within the Turquoise Sea


By Candace Craw-Goldman

I found myself in the dreamscape standing knee-deep in a turquoise-colored ocean. The waves were rolling in gently and regularly.

I was not alone. There were others here and I recognized them immediately. There were 12 of them. We’d spent the last week together in a deep and profound way.

All of us were standing in the water, a bit staggered and randomly spaced, but all looking out to the horizon. We seemed to be waiting for something. Some of my new friends had their hands on their hips, others shaded their eyes from the sun as they scanned the far waters. Spending the days leading up to this time was filled with so many words and voices, laughter and tears. A stark contrast to this ‘now’ moment. No one was talking.

Then things suddenly changed. A wave was coming. A big one. I suppose this was why we were here. It was upon us quickly and just a short distance in front of us the massive wall of water slowed, but then it grew. It rose straight up. And it kept rising.

I could feel the temperature change in front of me as water replaced air. Regular waves don’t slow and rise like this. Someone asked, “How high will it go?”  It was as if the sea was inhaling as it rose, gathering itself up. Our necks were bent, our chins high. 

I took a moment to peer into the wave, scanning for fish I suppose but saw nothing but water itself.

Then the crest finally formed. It was impossibly high and the angle of water that began to come down was acute, while strangely the depth of the water we stood in remained constant at our knees.

Craning our necks up we watched the water descend and the thought occurred to me that this event had to be slowing down our internal perception of time, water doesn’t move quite like this. Someone said, “I don’t know if I will be able to hold my breath for that long.” I suppose were all imagining being engulfed by the sea and would soon need air. We would have to swim up to the surface after it was over. I had the thought that I have never really been good at that. 

The wave descended quickly as large bubbles appeared. They were bubbles, were they not? I wasn’t sure. The water rolled over us, leaving space between, very much like the big curling waves so loved by those that surf. But then again, very much not like those waves.  I felt my feet rise.

As we all were rising, I studied the bubbles in the water. They were iridescent and some of them pierced the walls of the tunnel of water and began to float within our breathing space – floating around like helium balloons. Right away I looked to Mike. He had just had a BQH session featuring himself as an iridescent floating ball of energy. He was already looking at me grinning. 

Then, it seemed as if the bubbles read our thoughts and responded. They lit up from within with a plasma-like energy and all 12 of us respond in unison by taking an audible in-breath. As we did the balls of light came closer. As we let our breath go, they moved away a bit. Someone giggled. I marveled at how we could still breathe and hear each other within the water tunnel. The plasma balls danced with our breath.

Someone else said with a bit of awe, “I didn’t think it would be quite like this…”

None of us did.

(End of dream)

The 12 people in my dream are new (a few were already established) Beyond Quantum Healing practitioners who just yesterday hugged each other and me goodbye after an extraordinary week in class.

Interestingly enough, one of the activities we shared was a group regression/consciousness exploration. Nearly all of them featured water in some way. Mike’s BQH energy ball session, facilitated by my friend and colleague Natalie Taxiera, is slated to be shared publicly on our QuantumHealers.com YouTube channel. Stayed tuned.

To learn more about taking a Beyond Quantum Healing course please click on this link:  BQH Course Info

Candace Craw-Goldman is the Founder of QuantumHealers.com and creator of Beyond Quantum Healing. You can find her personal website at this link: CandaceCrawGoldman.com

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