The Heros Journey

The Hero’s Journey

By Christina Lavers A few months ago, I worked with an amazing woman who had endured some incredible challenges and hardship... Read more »

Finding A Way Through

Finding a Way Through

By Christina Lavers When I first started offering Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) sessions arriving at the last sentence of the induction, “…I want... Read more »

Big Life Decisions This Way Or That


I recently had a young woman contact me for a BQH session. Her reason for wanting to come see me... Read more »



This is the first in what will hopefully be a more regular thread of articles woven together, on the topic... Read more »

Perspective - Seeing The Forest From The Trees

PERSPECTIVE – Seeing the Forest from the Trees

One of the powerful gifts of BQH sessions is their ability to allow us to see from different viewpoints. This... Read more »

Immersion On The Water

Immersion on the Water

This morning I walked along Augusta Lake – the location of our upcoming BQH Immersion.  The wind was up and... Read more »

A Cat Tale

A Cat Tale

By Dr. Allison Brown I woke to the realization that my sweet, indoor-only kitty, Oliver, who normally sleeps with me... Read more »

Candace Craw Goldman Water Reflecting

BQH Immersion countdown – 60 days to go

Only 60 Days until the next Beyond Quantum Healing IMMERSION (class) experience for practitioners. Dates: April 30 to May 5... Read more »

Why A Sense Of Safety Is Key

Why a Sense of Safety is Key

By Christina Lavers I feel one of, if not, the most important things I can offer a client is a... Read more »

Dolores - Still an Inspiration

Dolores – Still an Inspiration

By Candace Craw-Goldman Eight years ago today, Dolores Cannon left the Earth plane. I write these words in the exact... Read more »

How Do People Experience Themselves In A Bqh Session

How do people experience themselves in a BQH session?

By Christina Lavers Many people are drawn to Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) sessions because they are curious about their multi-dimensional... Read more »

Brewing Up Some Goodness

Brewing up Some Goodness

By Christina Brady  (introduction by Candace Craw-Goldman) Many of us are blessed to know how much our grandma’s loved or love,... Read more »

What Does It Feel Like To Be Hypnotised

What does it feel like to be hypnotised?

By Christina Lavers The entertainment industry has a lot to answer for in terms of public perceptions of hypnotic states. Cartoons... Read more »

A Bqh House

A BQH House

By Christina Lavers A BQH hypnosis session keeps popping into my awareness as though nudging me to write about it. In the session... Read more »

Healing Connections

Healing Connections

An interesting thing happens when someone decides to begin to walk the path of a healer. Of course, there is... Read more »

Nove Formas de se Preparar para uma sessão de Cura Quântica, BQH e QHHT

(Além da Cura Quântica e Técnica de Hipnose de Cura Quântica, respectivamente, no original em inglês) 1. A intenção faz diferença. E... Read more »

Caro Cliente Ultra Racional

Não é sua culpa. De verdade.   Você foi programado desde o nascimento para usar primordialmente só metade das funções naturais... Read more »

Eu Não Posso Ser Hipnotizado… e Outros Mitos sobre Hipnose

Eu nunca fui hipnotizado, e creio que não posso ser hipnotizado.  Você provavelmente passa uma boa parte do seu dia... Read more »

Visualização, Imaginação e “Eu acabei de inventar tudo”

Alguns clientes que acabaram de passar por uma Sessão de Cura Quântica vão negar a validade da sua experiência e... Read more »

Integrity Power And Truth

Integrity, Power and Truth

By Christina Lavers    What can I say about BQH and the concepts of integrity, power, and truth? The real question is,... Read more »

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