Mario Radinger Conscious Connections Thumb

Conscious Connections with Mario Radinger

Mario Radinger has been a long time supporter of our Quantum Healers Community. For more than a decade he has... Read more »

Animal Talk Hello Hickory!

Animal Talk Ep. 2: Meeting Hickory & Horse Energy

This is Animal Talk Ep. 2. In this video, we meet Candace’s horse Hickory and is the first video in... Read more »

Animal Communication

Animal Talk with Will & Allison Brown

Meet Will and Allison Brown and listen to their story of how they got started in the Animal Talk business.... Read more »

7 Signs Of Spontaneous Past Life

7 Signs of Spontaneous Past Life Memory

There are a number of ways to experience past life memories. Having a past life regression is only one way.... Read more »

Multidimensiality 3 Ways

3 Ways to Describe Multidimensionality

Hi, everyone, it’s Candace Craw-Goldman, and today I’m coming to you to talk about multidimensionality, I’m going to talk about... Read more »

Who are you?

Suna Senman, LMSWQuantum Transformation Coach, author Have you dared to ask the primordial question, “Who are you?” seeking an answer... Read more »

A 3d Image Of A Human Head With A Red And Yellow Brain Highligh

My Left Disease

I remember the moment the idea of a “Left-sided Disease” occurred to me. I had just put up my horse... Read more »

BQH: Sit, Pee, Move! - Question of the Week

Question of the Week: BQH – Sit, Pee, Move!

This week’s Question of the Week is all about what happens if a session needs a break. Long sessions, are... Read more »

The Body as an Entrance Point

By Christina Lavers I recently facilitated a session that I wanted to share because it is a great example of... Read more »

Sue Beckley Blog Dog Photo Square

My First QHHT® Session

By Sue Beckley I received my first QHHT® session in 2018. I went to this session to determine if I... Read more »

The Art of Self-Discovery

By Devialini Agheda-De Souza Who am I? Where did I come from? What am I doing here? What is my... Read more »

Is BQH the same as Quantum Connect?

Is BQH the same as Quantum Connect?

Quantum Connect and BQH are not the same thing. They are two separate courses. Quantum Connect is a standalone course,... Read more »

Quantum Questions

I love getting updates from past clients. Hearing about the incredible changes they notice in themselves and their worlds never... Read more »

Dolores Cannon Time Of Transition

2024 Time of Transition

I woke up hearing Dolores Cannon’s voice telling me that 2024 will be a year like no other. Guaranteed. Dolores... Read more »

Signs of Hypnosis

From my nine years of practice as a facilitator of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and more recently as a Beyond... Read more »

Eclipse Leaves

Dolores Cannon’s message to the World Oct. 14, 2023

Image caption: Tree Leaves cast eclipse shaped shadows on a fence near Austin Texas A few hours ago I had... Read more »

Atronaut On The Moon

Life as an Astronaut in Other Dimension

his life regression experience was explored as part of a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session. This subject did not have much... Read more »

The Merge Consciously Exploring The Unconscious Part 2

The Merge – Consciously Exploring the Unconscious (Part 2)

This is the continuation of The Merge – part 2 of 2 Read The Merge part 1 HERE By Aura Moldovan P:... Read more »

The Merge – Consciously Exploring the Unconscious

The Merge – Consciously Exploring the Unconscious

By Aura Moldovan This is not a story of conversion; it is a story of recollection for both the individual and... Read more »

Spiritual Street Smarts

Spiritual Street Smarts

By Christina Lavers When we initially open to the spiritual side of reality, this mysterious foreign territory can feel daunting. I... Read more »

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