A Divine Set Up

A Divine Set-up

By Tara Abele & Guides  Quietly breaking the silence of my inner landscape were these words, “Greatness is not earned, it is... Read more »

If Only I Could Love Myself As Much As God Loves Me

If Only I Could Love Myself as Much as God Loves Me

By Malka Ahern “A rainbow! Hey guys, look, a rainbow!”  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Just as I was... Read more »

Held Within the Turquoise Sea

Held Within the Turquoise Sea

By Candace Craw-Goldman I found myself in the dreamscape standing knee-deep in a turquoise-colored ocean. The waves were rolling in gently... Read more »

A Pivotal Choice Point

A Pivotal Choice Point

By Rachel Chase It is currently summer, 2021. There is no better time to learn how to immerse in the vibration... Read more »

The Void

The Void

By Christina Lavers In my last article I described how sometimes the landscapes in which people find themselves while in an expanded... Read more »

A New World

A New World

By Christina Lavers While each journey is orchestrated by the client’s higher-self, bringing forth experiences that assist them to better understand... Read more »

Male Healer Working On Shoulder Area Soft Blur

I Didn’t Know What I Knew

By Malka Ahern In Israel, the Jewish Sabbath is a main event. Starting Friday at sunset and running through Saturday night,... Read more »

Is Ego Death The Goal

Is Ego Death the Goal?

By Dr. Allison Brown I’ve always wondered about this concept of ego death. Granted, our egos can get us into... Read more »

Nueve formas de prepararse para una sesión de Sanación Cuántica, BQH o QHHT

1. Las intenciones importan. Mucho. ¿Cuál es tu intención para tener una sesión? Podría ser útil sacar lápiz y papel... Read more »

Visualización, imaginación y “Lo inventé todo”

Hay algunos clientes que después de haber experimentado una Sesión de Sanación Cuántica negarán la validez de su experiencia y... Read more »

No Puedo Ser Hipnotizado … y Otros Mitos de la Hipnosis

Nunca me han hipnotizado, me temo que no puedo ser hipnotizado. De hecho, probablemente pases una buena parte del día... Read more »

Estimado Cliente del Hemisferio Izquierdo

No es tu culpa. De verdad. Has sido programado desde tu nacimiento para usar principalmente la mitad de la función... Read more »

Can't always get what you want—but you get what you need

Can’t always get what you want‚ but you get what you need

By Christina Lavers One of the aspects that make BQH sessions unique is that there is no formula or framework for how the... Read more »

Cognitive Styles

Cognitive Styles

By Christina Lavers Before I started offering BQH session I had no idea how different our ways of perceiving reality could be. It... Read more »

A Mysterious Drumbeat

A Mysterious Drumbeat

By Christina Lavers If someone were to ask me what I love most about BQH sessions my reply would be the way every... Read more »

Quantum Realms 2021 It Starts Today

Quantum Realms 2021 – It Starts Today!

By Candace Craw-Goldman Greetings to all Consciousness Explorers, Mindfulness Meditators, Spiritual Seekers and Awakened Souls.  Subscribe to the QuantumHealers channel to be part... Read more »

Ocean milky way with silhouette boat

Saving the Children Moves us to the New Earth

A channeled message from Dolores Cannon via Hara Katsiki Preface:  Dolores Cannon spoke and wrote much about the idea of... Read more »

Introducing Quantum Realms

Introducing: Quantum Realms

By Candace Craw-Goldman Four years ago, I found myself really missing my teacher, Dolores Cannon.  By 2018 she had been gone... Read more »

Themes Structures And Unique Unfolding

Themes, Structures and Unique Unfolding

By Christina Lavers One of the things that continues to amaze me about BQH sessions is the way themes surface that connect the... Read more »

Healing with Hope - A Short Story

Healing with Hope – A Short Story

By Christine Shanesy-Kooper   I had been fostering dogs with my local Humane Society for about 3 years when I got... Read more »

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