A Bqh Experience

A BQH Experience

Beyond Quantum Healing

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend both a lecture and a workshop run by Candace Craw-Goldman in London. The meditations were both wonderful and profound and the puzzle pieces of my existence are coming together nicely from a variety of sessions & sources from both Candace’s, others’ and my own.

There is so much I could write about regarding this trip – its significance to my journey along this path of enlightenment perhaps; the confirmatory synchronicities and manifestations that occurred. The other related experiences are slowly combining to provide clarity and cognizance on the puzzle of my existence and awareness. However, I will write about them in future blogs, as today I wish only to describe the incredible experience I was fortunate enough to be given during the BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) demonstration session.

The first meditation was designed to provide us with the opportunity to meet our “Body Deva” – the aspect of self which animates our physical body and which shares our lives and experiences alongside us. So, with anticipation, I prepared to meet my Body Deva under Candace’s expert guidance.

Quickly I found myself in a favourite childhood scene whilst waiting for ‘Body Deva’, relaxing under the summer sun. However, to my surprise the first visitor to greet me was not my ‘Body Deva’ but my childhood pet dog Patch! Patch was young, healthy and enthusiastically happy to see me, which he preceded to demonstrate I know how much he loved and had missed me, when he enthusiastically returned his affection. More significantly was the immediate knowledge that he forgave me, as I played a role in his euthanasia when he was very old – something I have struggled to forgive myself for.

I was filled with joy and felt an intense love for him as I was laying there cuddling him. Tears running down my cheeks, I then became aware of the approach of my ‘Body Deva.’ She appeared as a much younger and healthier version of myself. As we met she proceeded to give me a display of cartwheels which made me laugh – as this was one of my favourite types of activities as a child. We got acquainted; I learnt her name and she answered my questions regarding the cause of some chronic health complaints I have had for many years, whilst we sat and held hands. Patch was observing us happily and exploring the area around us. She graced me with some healing work and then I was back in the room, in my physical body, listening to Candace guiding us back. This was a highly emotional experience; it allowed me to take a break as it gave me time to assimilate what I had experienced and to allow my emotions time to settle down.

The following class demonstration was designed to provide us with the opportunity to discover our cosmic origins, a topic I have been very curious about. Again, very quickly I found myself “elsewhere” – I was walking along the middle of an underground cavern, between two rows of grey-blue “aliens” towards a dark blue, metallic, pyramidal vessel of some kind. Strangely, the aliens were both bowing and directing me towards the craft. Upon reaching the craft, I suddenly found myself within it and began travelling – to an unknown destination. I found myself in a white room of some kind, flanked by two different “alien beings” and together we proceeded to view and discuss different human lifetimes. I “knew” that this was The Choosing – the moment where we would together choose the appropriate human lifetime for me to experience. Again I then found myself back in my physical body back at the college listening to Candace guiding us back.

The latter experience fits perfectly with others I have experienced since, which together paints a clearer picture of who I am, where I came from and why I am here. However this picture would have gaping holes in it if I had not been fortunate enough to find these pieces with Candace’s help and guidance, and as such I am very grateful to Candace, my higher self, and the universe itself for granting me the privilege of attending her excellent lecture and workshop.

 Article by Melony Gallagher, a BQH member

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