A Cat Who Remembers Her Past Life

A Cat Who Remembers Her Past Life

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Editors Note: The following story is of healing and transformation by Quantum Healer Hara Katsiki. This story is one of so many that provide evidence that we are all connected to the fabric of something bigger than we can ever comprehend.

Hello dear ones,

This is a story of communication between a human and a cat. A story of forgiveness that heals a past life trauma.

I have an unusual cat. A few months ago I left my home in Berlin, Germany, to travel in Greece for two months. I left Brigitte, my 8 years old cat in our apartment with some friends, who stayed to look after and take care of her while we were gone.

All seemed well, but when we returned to Berlin I noticed that the fur in her inner thighs was thinning. They kept falling and falling for a few days until I started to worry. A lot. The thinning of her fur had also occurred last year when I left for a few weeks. When I took her to the doctor, the diagnosis was stress. They forced her to wear the “cone of shame,” which was extremely difficult for all of us, and thus I decided not to put us all through that again. 

So, the diagnosis of stress didn’t surprise me because I understood how difficult it could be for her, being with “strangers” for two months without me, her family.

I was determined to find a solution. I understood that I needed to communicate with her and discuss this issue, but how? A few days ago a friend of mine was visiting, who happens to be a very good channel. I decided to talk about it with her. 

The next day she was kind enough to connect with Brigitte’s Higher Self and delivered to me the following message:

Hi Hara, I thought of your cat this morning and received a message for you :

“Every time you leave for a significant period of time, for me it is as if you are leaving forever. I become sad. My heart becomes heavy. 

When you return I‘m still in shock and I need time to recover. The wound needs to heal.

If you go next time, would you give me a call? Think about me and send me energy. Tell me that you will come back to me. I will feel your attention and intention.

In this way I know you did not leave me for good, and I can stay strong until you return.”


Receiving this message broke my heart into a thousand pieces. I couldn’t help but wonder why is she is so insecure? Why doesn’t she feel my energy when I’m away and I send her loving thoughts? Why is she so afraid that I will never come back?

These questions reverberated loudly in my head. I desperately needed to find the answers. 

I immediately sat down with her. Focusing all my intention and concentration on connecting with her telepathically, I took her in my arms and started repeating the same questions over and over.

“Why are you afraid that I will never come back? Why don’t you realize how much I love you and that I will never leave you for ever? Why, why, why?”

As I focused on her, repeating these question for a few minutes, I heard her speaking inside my mind!

B: Because you have done this before.

Me: What? What are you talking about? When did I do this?

B: Don’t you remember…?

Me: No… I don’t remember and I don’t understand. I always come back. What do you mean?

B: Yes, maybe you do so far in this life but you didn’t come back for me in my previous life, when I was living with you in Greece…!

This information shocked me. Not because I didn’t know what she was talking about, It because I did. But i had forgotten, and I had no idea that she knew and remembered!  Allow me to back up in the story, so you get the full picture.

Before I moved to Berlin, I was living in Greece where I had another cat named Maria, (exactly the same colors as Brigitte) with whom I was very connected. I adopted her when she was a baby and a few years later, when Maria was about 5 years old, I decided to move to Berlin. I had to leave her at my mum’s place. I knew I would be traveling a lot on as yet unknown adventures, and perhaps without having a stable base. This separation was extremely difficult for me, but I couldn’t do anything about it. A year and a half after I had left her with my mum in Greece, Maria decided to leave this physical plane. She did what I felt was a suicide. She ate poison that she found in a field not far from my mum’s house.

By that time I was established in Berlin, and when I heard the news, I was heartbroken. I saw her in my dreams some weeks after she passed, complaining to me because I had left her. Because I couldn’t cope with this loss, I hid my grief somewhere deep inside of me.

A few months later, things lined up in a funny way. My partner and I found mice in our kitchen. We had a difficult time getting rid of them, and we didn’t want to use poison. A cat seemed the best solution. After all, I now had a stable home-base so I could finally have a cat again!

And so we did. I found a woman online who was selling baby cats. Brigitte was only two months old when we picked her up. 

A few years later I received information from spirit, that Brigitte is the reincarnation of Maria, and not only that, she was with me in Egypt when I lived there thousands of years ago. 

Animals, especially domestic animals, following us like devoted helpers. Incredible! It gives me goosebumps even now to write it.

Returning to the present time, I had completely forgotten the whole story of her reincarnation, so the information that came through Brigitte came as a such a shock!  indeed I Had left her. Not in this present incarnation of hers, but in my current one! I hugged her tightly and we cried together for a long time. So much healing happened for both of us as I apologized to her. She forgave me and I forgave myself. 

As I am writing this story, Brigitte is recovering rapidly and her fur is growing thicker and shinier than ever before. I am astonished by this story because I saw and experienced once again the transformational healing power of Past Life Regression. By simply remembering, re-experiencing and releasing the emotions held over from the trauma in the past, even our animals can tap into this field and heal. 

“There are times when your past lives must be re-experienced, but you don’t not need to seek them out. They simply arise. There is a wave of emotion and then it is gone. It’s the emotion that needs to be released. It does’nt matter what you did before. It is over!” Dolores Cannon

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Article by Hara Katsiki

Pictures: Hara Katsiki
Editors: Chrysilla Lewies / Diana Adair 

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