A Message from Dolores to All of Her Practitioners

A Message from Dolores to All of Her Practitioners


The following was written by Harry Kroner as a post to fellow members of the Original Quantum Healing Support Forum in October of 2014, just days after the passing of our teacher Dolores Cannon. Recently, this post has been revisited and commented upon nearly 3 years later and remains such a popular discussion on our Forum we asked Harry for permission to publish it for the public, and he readily agreed. 

This information came to me in my channeling session I did right now, in which I usually talk to my council. I already knew that Dolores will come through today in my writing and here is the portion as it was brought forward:

Harry: Dolores Cannon has passed away over the weekend, I am happy for her and feel filled with gratitude for the light she has given me and the world. Is there anything else you can bring forward?

Dolores: I am here with you whenever you want, now I can visit all of my practitioners at will. I am so much more powerful than I was in physical form. Rejoice for me and for all of you.

Harry: I feel that I have missed the opportunity to do level 2 with you.

Dolores: Don't worry I will teach you all my tricks during the sessions, just keep calm and open in the session and you will hear me along with your guides. And eventually Julia and others will teach that level. The work will continue, and I chose to stay around until they were ready to continue the work.

Harry: Is there anything else you would like to share with the practitioners.

Dolores: I don't believe I emphasized enough how much you need to believe in the process and the power of the method. Do not allow doubt and fear plague you, it is simply shaking the ground underneath you without any need. Create a stable ground to stand upon and know that I have your back, more now than ever. Do, create, and bring wellness and awakening to all in your path. I am very proud of you all. And remember this is just the beginning… allow yourself to grow even further, there is more, so much more. Evolve and grow. I will support you all the way. Whenever in doubt just call me, I will be there.

Harry: Thank you Dolores, you have shined light onto our path.

Dolores: I was only a part of a much bigger cosmic event that is taking place right now, enjoy it, it is truly remarkable and thrilling beyond belief.

Thank you all,


Harry Kroner practices in Prescott Arizona. To learn more about Harry you can find his Directory listing here

his website here: http://www.harrykroner.com  or read more about  him in his Meet the Practitioner article: https://www.quantumhealers.com/blog/meet-practitioner-harry-kroner-103

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