A Mindscape Journey

A Mindscape Journey

Beyond Quantum Healing

By Bahar Nagi

The following is a story for energy practitioners about how a young client was helped though a process called Mindscape, which was developed by the creator of BodyTalk.

The young client was feeling frazzled from his newborn brother’s loud crying, not understanding this was how babies sometimes communicated. The crying was creating so much stress that he wanted to bang his head and his breathing would become erratic.

The overstimulation from online media was also creating a lot of stress, which worried his mother and his relationship with his little brother was somewhat strained as he felt replaced.  In addition, his gut was affected by vaccines and poor-quality food.

The Mindscape journey began by stepping into the golden pearl within which he received help to release the worries of his mind and the stories that were fabricated there about lack of self-worth, and fear of this new person in his home and life.

To begin with, we balanced his brain using a technique that has its roots in yoga to help him breathe better and calm down. The cold spots in the brain received more circulation and he started to feel better.

Improving the wei Qi protective energy helped strengthen the protective barrier and absorb fewer negative energies from this, his baby brother and from his school environment.

By rebalancing the energy between the three brains (head, heart and gut) the gut brain was reminded of its role and started functioning better, circulation plug ins assisting with releasing toxins and negative emotions.

Very early on as practitioners, we discover the effect of intention and focused energy. Just as a prayer or focused thought creates vibrations which give birth to energy and then to matter, the focused intention of holding space for a client, tuning in their hologram and using focusing tools such as can be used to conduct a session distantly, and get results that are as good as in person.

This is all possible by activating the wisdom of the body-mind and reconnecting those lines of communication that were compromised, allowing internal repair and rebalance, in a safe, simple and speedy way.

Much of what is blocking us, exists below the iceberg in the subconscious mind and has to unlocked in a safe way which is best indicated by the wisdom of the body.

There are many more possibilities, but this is the gist of how a session may play out. Always the innate wisdom of the client is consulted at each step, as to where they need to go next, what they need to see, how we are to unfold the story that is held for this particular issue and in seeing it and processing it better, assisting with the healing process. 

Bahar Nagi is a Sekhem Living Light Energy Healer who lives in London, England.  Her website is:  https://heartsync.co.uk/

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