A New Way to Connect with Your Spirit Guides - Pamela Aaralyn

A New Way to Connect with Your Spirit Guides – Pamela Aaralyn


Here is how to get a wonderful- and affordable Channeled Message from the incomparable Pamela Aaralyn, Spiritual Alchemist! Pamela offers Channeled Messages from Beyond in a powerful new way that does not include needing to set up a specific appointment time nor connection over the Internet. It is a great opportunity to have a personal channeling done when you don't feel like or don't have access to a phone or webcam. It works like this- She connects to you and then opens up to your Spirit Guides to present your questions and concerns, and then you receive a 15 minute recording of that session.

However, here is how to get the BEST from your Channeled Message from Beyond session: Put only a few questions or even none at all! If you absolutely must focus on certain questions, you can, but please don't put more than three, total. 15 minute sessions are not the appropriate venue for many detailed questions. Keep your concerns to 3 or be completely open to what your Guides have to share in that moment. This is a great thing you can do- to be open to what comes naturally. In the space that is provided for questions you can just write, “Most relevant information please.” Guides will come through and tell you everything that you need to know right now that is applicable to your spiritual life. You will get a lot of information in 15 minutes in this way.

Please click this link to schedule a Channeled Message from Beyond Channeling Session.

Pamela would love to know how your experiences been with the Channeled Message From Beyond Service. You can leave a review right here and share your experiences with her and others!

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