A Pivotal Choice Point

A Pivotal Choice Point

Metaphysical Musings

By Rachel Chase

It is currently summer, 2021. There is no better time to learn how to immerse in the vibration of love, than now. This article is about the need do this very act more to live a full-out life, free of fear and filled with meaning.

The ever popular and easy way to control someone is with fear. It is an age-old energy used as a tool to manipulate the masses, now increasing with a keen intensity.

What can be done?

There is a very real and deep need to access, strengthen and integrate the energies of divine love, bliss, creativity, and deep peace.

This is the antidote, the medicine that is needed to heal our fractured human collective, our fractured individual lives.

By doing this individually, we heal the collective, we shift our relationship with fear and dive into love, thereby assisting in the process of creating the better world we know is possible.

On the healing path what we learn is that many of us, whether unintentionally or intentionally, are conditioned to believe that we are lacking in value in some way, unworthy of love, unwanted. We may not even be aware at first that these conditions have been set in place in patterns existent long before we are born.

Because of this false unworthiness, we are fearful: of loss, of connecting with others because the love might be taken away, of connecting with ourselves because we believe we are somehow ugly inside or inherently ‘wrong’, and with the world because it seems too overwhelming and frustrating with which to engage.

We start to believe the distorted notion that it is safer not to feel, not to engage, not to live on our own terms, that we need to settle for and cling to a half-lived life, just to survive.

Because of this, we may become unable to access the true power within us, covered over by all that fear – the power of LOVE. It can feel lost to us, when truly it’s just right there inside waiting for us to accept the fear, dissolve it and discover what has been there all along – this abiding love that can transform everything in its presence.

You see, the very fear of feeling difficult emotions has driven many into self-doubt, so far that they have forgotten how to feel love for themselves. When this happens, we either seek the safety of outside forces, or hide from the world in a false sense of security of denial, when the true ‘safety’ lies within.

Those imprints of unworthiness, conditioned unconscious reactions to life, can be untangled, released, and a new path can be created going forward, a path of heart, of acceptance, of peace, of togetherness.

This moment in time for humans is a furthering of a story long-ago begun, a trajectory and spiral of consequence. We are at a pivotal choice-point on the evolutionary path of existence.

The chaos and confusion are ramping up stronger now with the intensities of an Age-In-Shift. So is the impetus to break free from the manipulation of fear.

As the values and systems of the last epoch of time are dissolving into thin air there is a sense of a whole new and different world coming in. This can feel scary. People wonder:

What will happen? Will I be okay? What should I do to make sure I and my family will be okay? How can I feel safe in a world that is so lost?

When one looks long at things, or from a star’s perspective, the human condition and all its seeming confusion and wrath is full of love and splendor, too.

It is up to us to start using this powerful energy of magnificence and applying it wisely. There is plenty of it! We can amplify it. It is up to us to access and activate these innate gifts to break through the protocols that tell us it is not okay to think and feel for ourselves.

This loving energy is at our disposal always and wants us to experience it deeply to create with more wisdom and mindfulness. When we create with fear, we get a scary reality. When we create with love, we get a beautiful reality. It’s really that simple.

Any day is a good day to wake up to your true essence and profound creator-abilities. Which will you choose?

I see us going through a portal of sorts, a collective re-birth – as a caterpillar transitions to a butterfly. There is clearly a break-down before the break-through. Every metaphor about that process is playing out right before our very eyes. YES, even the part about emerging fully winged and flying beautifully.

Together, let us hold space for unconditional love to bloom on the planet. Do not give up on the inner quest to plumb the depths of what it means to be souls, parts of the infinite being of living existence!

We are each singular expressions of ‘the One’ that is All and Everything, in which we are together in complete connectivity. When we re-member that reality in our hearts and minds, we can create the impossible – a world of love, beauty, peace, and collaborative cooperation.

By immersing in this deep love vibration inside, the world of possibility opens. The more we do this, the stronger the awareness gets that we are so much more than our stories, that we are energetic contributors of something much bigger and more beautifully mysterious than we can imagine, the consciousness that seeks to awaken in our world – the light that is seeking to emerge in the darkness…

As individuals, we can access the power of that bigger energy to live deeper, richer, connected, fulfilled, meaningful lives – without fear running the show. I see it happening every day in my quantum healing and coaching sessions, workshops, and my women’s transformational training and support group. 

It is happening NOW in the quantum field! Take a deep breath, place a hand on your heart, and remember that portal of your heart is how you connect with this reality of divine truth, wisdom, and clarity.

The quantum field of consciousness is where physical and non-physical reality connect, create, and synergize. When we access the 'imaginal' realm of our mind-space, we are opening the door to understanding who and what we are as multi-dimensional, infinite cosmic beings. There, we can play in the realm of love to experience the fullness of life and integrate that energy into our everyday lives.

Many blessings to you all as you journey onward, seekers! 

In Peace,



Should you feel a call to reach out for support, I am here to guide, assist, and hold space in the realm of unconditional love.

You can find out more about my healing story, life’s work, and book a session with me here: www.RachelChase.com.

Also, enjoy this video where I share more on the subject of shifting fear into love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENOzPaVwr38

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