A Place Where Soulmates Meet

A Place Where Soulmates Meet

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Nina Morroco is BQH practitioner located in Peebles, Scotland, and enjoys writing about the Twin Flame journey, and how souls are paired up once here on the earth plane. The following session story is very much a soul connection type session, but this time experienced through elements of air, and fire which bring a unique perspective.

Article by Nina Morrocco

In the following Quantum Healing session story, the clients’ main concern was about all the fear in her life. She also lived with a lot of anxiety.

After some support and encouragement during our session pretalk, I gently and carefully guided her through the induction.  During the session, clients rarely have technical difficulties, but on this occasion there was. This can be caused due to the increase of energy emanating from the client, and the beings who we interact with.

Once the induction process was complete, and as she began talking, I was unable to hear what she was saying, and unbeknown to me, she was experiencing a brief but powerful vision of ancient Egyptian artifacts and symbolism. After adjusting our technology, we were able to continue with the session. She said she saw a book being opened and closed, but she sensed she was not allowed to know what this information was. I did wonder if this may have been a reference to the akashic records. Perhaps, this was a word of caution that work needed to be done before the information in this book would be available to her.

As we moved through the session, Carmen relaxed into the process. She had a very enjoyable past life experience as a male member of a community in Thailand in the 1800’s. She expressed joy and the tranquillity of being in water. Relaxing and observing the scene, this individual was supposed to be fishing but was equally enjoying not doing what they were supposed to be doing. We explored further and gradually moved through scenes in this lifetime, as well as the death scene where the soul transitioned to the afterlife.

Next, she came to a scene where she felt she must have been lying down on her side because the horizon was vertical. After a short time, she realised she was not lying down and this was, in fact, another planet, and this was how the planet was: the land was on one side and the sky was on the other. She described it as being very odd, especially for her human brain to process. She described the land as being red, purple, and black. Once she gained a sense of her surroundings, I asked her to see if she could get a sense of herself. She didn’t have feet, she didn’t have a physical form, and was a person of light. Her hands had the faint outline of a hand but were more a mixture of emptiness and glowing light.

When I asked what her purpose was in this place, she described it as a place of strong passion and love. A meeting place for souls to come and meet their soulmate before incarnating on earth. She went on to describe seeing a fire person being presented to her. She was not fire, she was air. These were the souls-elements meeting place before heading to the earthly plane.

She felt she had met her match. She was the feminine air, he was the masculine fire.

At this point, she experienced a pyramid with a stream of energy which was going all the way up to this planet. She sensed this was a transitionary place. One where yin and yang elements come and go, but reside there only briefly.

I felt it was a good time to ask when you know when a soul is your match for the impending life? This I was told was not a decision, but a balance where a soul brings harmony to yours. It’s a soul that fits well with yours. Once these element souls find each other, they make a plan to incarnate and find each other in that life.

These souls travel down a portal which is the umbilical cord. She described it as orange lava-like light.

She’s a baby in the womb. She’s aware of the plan, the mission, and that she’s growing and incubating inside her mother. She’s very much aware of what was happening, although she couldn’t see, feel, or sense very much. She described a knowing and an awareness of the plan and purpose of what was happening. 

You try to avoid it, but your mother’s emotions sometimes impinge on you as a fetus. Birth is a very difficult and harsh process for the baby, and there’s a stripping away: a stripping away of knowledge, and the understanding of the plan. Once you are born you are truly naked in every sense, and it’s a new and overwhelming vulnerability if you are not held as a new baby; it’s damaging to the soul.

The client then moved through scenes in her current life where she was able to gain the answers she was seeking in this session through contacting her Higher Self.

Since we had the session, she communicated to me that she has been in a number of situations that would normally make her feel anxious, but felt no fear. Not only that, but the session inspired her and sparked a burst of creative flow within her. She also stated: “I feel part of a spiritual network that’s a resource I am able to tap into when guidance is required. A circle of soul whispers who rejoice in my growth, encouraging me along my path in life. This has been the greatest gain from the session which offers me a safety net. “

The client also kindly allowed me to share the poem she wrote since the session about her experience of being in the place where soulmates meet.


Destined to meet you

Ordained before birth

Converged in celestial space.

Our Ethereal bodies embrace

Souls ignited and sealed.

Suddenly propelled downwards

Through the portal to life

Speeding through the umbilical cord.

Darkened Within the buoyant womb

Abruptly born into this plane of existence

Stripped of my skin

All knowledge and wisdom obliterated

Soul shattering

Screaming into a life form



Unheld physically and mentally.

Rambling through life

An explorer

Emptily seeking and trying to fill that void

Until you found me.

Soothing and encouraging,

Holding me in mind and body

You gave me skin

A coat of security.

Bound by threads of love,

Across seas and space.

Despite this separating

Followed by heartache.

Through Heartfelt listening

Finding me again

My soulmate

My sanctuary.

The End

If you would like to experience a BQH session of your own, feel free to get in touch.

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