A Question Regarding Consciousness Integration

A Question Regarding Consciousness Integration


Leeann asks, “Why isn’t it easier for us to integrate the Higher Self, Consciousness and Body then we would know why things are as they are and how to overcome them?”

Hi Leeann,

This is another really big question! It actually is one of the biggest questions to ask one’s self as you seek “enlightenment” or spiritual understanding of life.  There are vast viewpoints and perspectives on this issue from religious to poetic to scientific. There are so many nuances and considerations that this particular conversation could last- well- a lifetime!

From the perspective of a Quantum Healer who has had many hundreds of clients, a good first response and the most basic answer I can offer to you is a two-word answer- “Cultural programming.”

As an infant we are actually more naturally directly connected to our Higher Selves than as an adult. Of course our bodies are very dependent upon our caregivers at birth and for a very long time afterwards. Note that this is not common in nature. Most other creatures at the very least can move, (walk, swim, fly) not very long after being born. Not so the human being.

So when we were all very young we had more natural contact with our higher aspects of consciousness- and memories of other lives and worlds as well. But our conscious minds and our bodies, had to grow to become useful.

So as we grew – because of our dependency upon others, we began to be heavily influenced by them. Others who would say, “That is not true, this is true.” Or, “That is impossible, you cannot do that.” Or, “This is the way we do things.”

We are so dependent upon others for safety and survival that to fit in, and survive, we tend to shape our conscious minds to conform- and push our connection to our Higher Selves away to achieve that. So all of those parts of us begin to feel separate and very far apart from each other.

I invite you to recall, if you can, being a young child and just being sure that magic was real, your imaginary friend was actually there, or that you could actually fly. These ideas are systematically and culturally dismissed so often and for so long, we forget “who we really are.” Our soul knows “magic” is real, our unseen friends really are there and we believe we can fly because our pure consciousness can absolutely fly – and so much more.

So while this is a really short answer to your question, it might help you to think more about the whole subject. To access your Higher Self (as well as other realms, even the unseen realms) we have to begin by addressing our belief systems, most of which were programmed into us as small children by our culture. Why do you believe what you do? Most likely it is because you were told to believe and have not really deeply questioned those beliefs. It is when we question our most basic beliefs- and really question whether or not we want to continue to choose to believe them, that our understanding of our life and our reality expands.

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