A Seashore to Starship Journey

A Seashore to Starship Journey


A couple of days ago I uploaded to YouTube a guided journey/meditation that was channeled to me by my guides for the recent consciousness shifting conference in Sarasota, Florida; Quantum Healing 5D and Beyond. The “Seashore to Starship Journey” was well received by attendees and a number of people shared quite wonderful experiences of meeting their galactic family or having otherworldly or cosmic visions.

My lovely friend and fellow Quantum Healer Barbara Becker tried out the journey herself and wrote me the following note to tell me about what happened to her;

 Dear Candace

Last night I played the meditation while I laid in bed before sleep. I went to sleep standing on the seashore. It was a very nice way to fall asleep. 

Today, I laid on my bed in the afternoon, and played the meditation. I experienced the following: 

My research and teaching star ship arrives. I am the commander of this large craft. When I board the star craft, I morph into my ET form. 

I know who I am in this form because I’ve seen myself in a lucid dream many years ago. I have 3 long fingers on each hand and 3 toes. I’m a Zagian, as disclosed in my published book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography. Other life forms are walking around on the ship doing their research activities. It’s a busy ship, yet I feel very relaxed and comfortable.

I guide the star craft to the portal above the ranch in Wickenburg, Arizona. Through the portal, we travel through space and inter-dimensional travel to my home planet, outside this solar system.

I choose not to disclose the name of my planet because I’m saving it for the sequel to my autobiography. 

As I walk down the outside ramp of the star ship, I see millions of fellow Zagians. They are very happy to see me. They are showing me their tears and emotions that I taught them, from the broadcast station where I teach from at night, while my human body sleeps.

I teach about love. 

When it is time to leave, I travel through the interstellar corridors, through the ranch portal, and to the imaginary beach. I’m sitting in the sand and staring at a glorious vibrant orange, purple, blue and yellow sunset with golden light beams. Sunsets are healing because they let the conscious mind know there’s always tomorrow, another sunrise. 

I love your voice Candace. It’s very soothing and comforting.

Love, Barbara

Thank you so much Barbara. I’m so glad you enjoyed the Journey and I look forward to reading that sequel to your autobiography!

Have you journeyed to the stars yet? Did you meet your galactic family? We’d love to know your experience, too.

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