A Session Begins Long Before It Starts – And Sometimes It Ends Before Too


Everything is connected so is the decision to focus on resolving an issue and really resolving it. Sometimes the decision to take care of something in your live that you would like to understand better involves selfstudy, selfexploration, reading books, comparing opinions and sometimes it involves booking a session with a practitioner.

This was the case of Verena. She did all of the above mentioned. For years she was dedicated to get to know herself better, to study, to meditate, to educate herself in the field of psychology and spirituality but there was one issue she only ever made baby-steps of  improvment. At least that is how she felt about it.

She was a gifted writer but was afraid to publish. She was a empathic and inspiring teacher but she was afraid to be seen. She was a healer by nature but dreaded having people too close to her.

There was a strong ambivalence in her of wanting – urgently – to share her abilities and on the other hand the pure horror to do so. Being seen and heard, expressing herself scared her and made it impossible for her to follow this road. She was frozen in fear. 

She was well aware of this conflict and worked on it. A lot. Then she reached a point where all her life circumastances had finally fallen into place. Everything she thought she needed externally to support her sharing und following her heart was present in her life. Yet, she realized she still couldn’t do it. Something stopped her. 

She was fed up with it. Most issues she resolved by herself,  easily. But not this one. So she decided to look for help and chose to schedule a BQH session. 

She prepared with a guided meditation as was recommended by the practitioner and followed all other suggestions. She prepared herself, was open to the outcome yet determined to finally resolve the matter.

She had also scheduled a meditation retreat, long before she had decided to do the BQH session.

During the Vipassana retreat major energetic shifts happened and she resurfaced changed. 

Her issue had disappared. The fear had gone. And the miriad of angles she had looked at before, that had stopped her to move in the desired direction, had lost their relevance.

She had no idea what had happend, no idea about the source of the block nor about the exact way how it disappared. Obviously it was not relevant for her process to know.

It was unexpected, very welcome and beautiful, that after decades of working on something the time was ripe for resolution. Like an apple ready to fall from a tree. 

She canceled her session. She felt that the decision to take the session and her determination to address the subject had been crucial for the process, even though a session never took place.

We don’t know where we are in the process of healing something, of unreaveling an issue and what aspect we will be integrating when taking action to do so. Thats why it’s good to come to sessions with an open mind. The possibilties are beyond the minds imagination.

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