A Step Up Part 2 Of 3

A Step Up (Part 2 of 3)

Beyond Quantum Healing

Part 2 of 3 (click here to read part 1)

The following is the second of a three part story by Tiffany Evans, a current Beyond Quantum Healing student, soon to be a full-fledged BQH Practitioner. In this story she gives us a sense of who she is as a person, her unique challenges, her desire and drive to make a difference in the world by helping others even while she moves towards achieving her own healing.

A Step Up

In Part 1 of my blog I wrote about how my journey began and how cancer and my AVM propelled me on my journey but, you still don’t know the connection between the two and how that lead me down my current path. Today we are going to change that, because even if your situation isn’t like mine exactly, I know that some of you see your story in mine, and even more of you will connect with it today, so please be welcome to part 2 – The beginning of my journey.

So, at this point in the story I had just beat cancer, and I thought things were going to be great. I had two well behaved children, a boyfriend that was amazing and a supportive, a great relationship with God through my small town Baptist Church. I had a career in the Banking industry and a side job doing make-up which I absolutely loved. Then it happened; my terror from the past was back and my AVM had started growing again after the hysterectomy, only now it was worse. The vessels had began to grow again, only now they were growing faster than ever, and inside of my muscle and bone, and not just the tissue as they do normally, and if AVM’s are rare, this was extremely rare. At this point we were trying everything to make the growth stop. I was hospitalized for months at a time and the pain was like constant breaking bones and ripping muscle. I mean all the time with no release, no recovery. Always constant. I could no longer work, or think. I had lost all use of my arm and hand because the vessels had grown so thick around the joints it made them immobile.

Due to the pain I was prescribed everything you don’t want to be on: pain pill after pain pill, until eventually I was put on a very high dose of Fentanyl that I am still on to this day – 4 years later. That is not where it ended though, I was also prescribed 2 other pain medications: for breaking though pain, oh yeah and sleeping pills. Guess what? Not even that would take away even 20% of my pain. I felt as if I were taking pills to wash down pills 3 times a day. That was when I looked up ways to control your pain without prescription drugs; breathing and meditation were the number one way to do this.

Now this is where things really started to get strange. I was already seeking a spiritual path, and during the meditations I would see and hear things. So during the day in the middle of the work week I would walk (since I was no longer allowed to drive due to the meds) up to the church to talk to the Pastor about what I was seeing and hearing in my meditations. That was a mistake. He told me I was doing the devil’s work by opening my mind to him. I was allowing him to plant his seed in my soul. Now let me tell you, I have never argued as hard as I did that day. It was as if someone had taken my voice and used it for their own, because I DON’T argue with anyone, ever! Let alone a spiritual adviser, but that day I did. I told him something so beautiful and so peaceful can be nothing but Gods work. Let’s just say I never returned to church after that day.

I continued my meditations, and I began to take them a little deeper. My meditations kept telling me to go down the rabbit hole so that I could be healed. I started to remember my dreams where I was in a beautiful world, and where I shared my heart (energy) with the plants and animals around me, and every step I took was sent into the earth and given back in a way you felt in your heart and soul.

Watching YouTube videos and meditations became my passion, I wanted to know everything about natural healing, essential oils, crystals, herbs, energy healing, and teas. I wanted to know how to use all of them.

Then I began to really see a lot in my twice-daily meditations as my third eye began to open. I was seeing odd things I didn’t understand like a golden rainbow bridge. I saw a wall of oil slick smoke coming across everyone as my family and I are out camping, and people rolling on the ground shaking and my children and I putting our hands on them and taking away energy and light until they can regain power over themselves.

I was a little scared, because I had already seen things in my meditations that had come true and knew there was power in the things I was seeing, so I started to look online. That was when I found Allison Coe. I want you to understand that I believe my higher-self wanted me to see all of these things and experience them in the way I did. If I had had the information Allison was giving before seeing it in my meditations, then the logical side of me wouldn’t have truly believed. As soon as I saw my first video of Allison, I knew this is what I needed to be doing, this is how I am going to heal myself and heal others, and that is why I am here; to help the transitions coming. I found Allison Coe and Candace Craw Goldman’s World-Wide Regression Week event within a few weeks of watching my first video of hers and I had no idea of how it would change me.

In Part 3 we will be discussing how all of this lead me, a disabled single mother, without two dimes to rub together, to want to become a Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner.

With all my Love and Light,

Article by Tiffany Evans

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