Allergic to Kisses?

Allergic to Kisses?


I had a lovely woman come for a session recently, primarily seeking spiritual and life-path oriented answers. She was quite satisfied with her family life and her marriage being happily married for many years.

She did have a single health concern. Even though she and her husband were regularly and happily intimate, there were times over the years that during any passionate kissing, she would have a severe allergic reaction. Her lips would swell, her face would puff up and she even would have trouble breathing. She had actually been hospitalized several times over the years for this issue…all as a result of kissing.

It had happened multiple times in her life and it didn’t seem to have anything to do with her husband because it happened with every boyfriend she had before she got married. If the kissing got “too passionate” she would break out in hives and her lips would begin to swell. Beard stubble, aftershave- cologne, none of these things made any difference at all.

So I mentioned to her that many healers have discovered that allergic reactions have, at their root cause – fear.

After assuring me that she was not at all fearful of kissing, especially since the only man she kissed was her husband, I simply and gently asked if there was a possibility of physical or sexual abuse in her much younger years.

She thought for a moment and responded, yes, one time- when she was about 10 years old an older man in her extended family trapped her and attempted to sexually abuse her but she “made him stop and got away.”

“But nothing much really happened,” She explained. “He did not rape me.”

“Nothing much?” I asked, “Did he kiss you? Perhaps roughly?”

The look that came over that woman’s face is something I think I will never forget. BINGO. That was it! The mystery was instantly solved and made perfect sense.

You see, it was her body, her physical form that remembered this traumatic incident and this cellular memory would trigger an allergic response to the deep fear whenever she experienced “rough kissing” by anyone, even her loving husband. Even though her conscious mind didn’t label the incident as highly significant.

“Oh my god that makes so much sense,” she said. “You know, I’ve had this weird rare and unexplained allergy for what, 3 decades?  I have been to so many doctors and had so many tests, no one ever asked me this question before!”

In the Quantum Healing session that followed we briefly revisited this issue and her Higher Self told us that the issue was already healed- and the allergy was fully released in the brief interview portion of the session. Because she now knew and understood the cause, carried no negative energy for the man and had forgiven him, there was no reason to ever experience this allergic reaction again.

The rest of her session was amazing as well, but that is another story for another day. It was wonderful to have this kind of healing happen so quickly with just a realization and understanding.

No trance necessary at all. Quantum Healing at its finest.

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