Allison Coe on The Splitting of the Earths

Allison Coe on The Splitting of the Earths


September 25, 2017, Michelle Walling published her latest Cosmic Awakening Show in which she interviewed Quantum Healing Practitioner Allison Coe.

Allison has quickly gained loyal following on her YouTube Channel with her regular updates on New Earth information that come from her QHHT® sessions. In this show Michelle and Allison discuss details such as what the New Earth is like and who will be the first wave of humans to actually go there.

Allison talks about three waves of transformational energy that are already in progress for us now. One of the most interesting parts of the show is Allison’s story of a man who disappeared while free diving, and how his remaining family members are convinced that he is not dead at all, but simply already existing on the New Earth. They have been communicating with him and learning about what life is like for him now.

Dolores Cannon used to get the question often, “When is the New Earth going to come?” Every time I heard her answer that question she would say that the New Earth is here now. Allison’s sessions agree. Actually, nearly all of us who practice the Cannon method of Quantum Healing have gotten the same message and have for some time. The New Earth is here now, but it is getting farther away from the Old Earth every day- and some of the new details of this increasing separation are being reported and are talked about in this fascinating show.

How can you prepare to shift completely to the New Earth? Tune in and find out.

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