Allowing for Healing

Allowing for Healing, and Respecting Sovereignty

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Georgeanna is a talented and valued member in our Quantum Healing community, practicing Beyond Quantum Healing, as well as being an Ambassador for Sasquatch People, a contributing author to Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 3.  

Article by Georgeanna DeCarlo

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Allowing for Healing, and Respecting Sovereignty

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There’s no such thing as a wasted session, nor a practitioner who has done their job wrong. Each person is guided to serve whomever is most helpful. Whether healing occurs remains entirely at the whim of the conscious mind. This is integration.

Can you speak to me about my friend’s session – when he was a healer in the area of Egypt but before the pyramids were built?

Yes, of course. We are familiar with the episode that you are referring to.

I wonder if I asked too much at once. Looking back I see that I asked was this a result of Atlantis or Lemuria and the answer was no. But I feel like it really was after Atlantis. Did I confuse things by asking both places at once?

It was advised to give a generalization because the focus is not so much a recovery from a particular incident, but rather a recovery from a particular malady. You’ve seen the information coming to you lately regarding radiation poisoning and its connection to the dental issues many of you are experiencing. Although environmental factors are certainly a deterrent, and it’s beneficial overall for one to take a proactive approach with their physical wellbeing. Your genetic lines have carried the coding, the corrupted coding albeit due to a monumental genocide. Whether the genocide is self-imposed via factors related to societal conduct or a nefarious oppressor’s mass extinction effort resulting change; affects not only the current physical body but the etheric, as well as the subtle bodies.

I see. So, he was in that time period particularly, that was Atlantis but it was not only the victims of Atlantis that he visited. Is that correct?

Yes. He traveled beyond limitations of space/time continuum. The point he was referencing there was that he identified the persons in need of assistance and verbally offered relief much the same as you and other healers, practitioners of all types of methodologies are doing now. Criteria has changed due to societal standards. Now, a healer would advertise their service and a client would respond. The exchange would be made in order to schedule the session. This energy exchange is a valid approach given your current standards.

But noting that time period in particular. Are people today – who are incarnated now, the ones who experienced that time period, suffered and are in need of healing specific to that?

We would suggest that a broad approach be given. There is a predominant good guy/bad guy mindset that prevails your field. There are many who would be horrified and unable to consolidate that they had ever played a role that caused such monumental destruction. Every effort has been made to cloud this somewhat. Not all are as able as you are to process information without retaining the brunt of the blow. There would be in all likelihood a trauma that would occur at the receipt of this knowledge. This trauma would affect their field in non-supportive ways. It is what it is. There can be adjustments , but it does take the conscious mind’s integration and until people have grasped fully the ideal of forgiveness and knowledge gleaned from even acts that seem abominable, true healing and growth remains out of reach.

Now I have the impression that you are speaking specifically to the physical and mental, emotional state of my last client.

She will receive healing when she listens to that recording again. That recording needs to chip away at her psyche. This will be a monumental discovery for her. Her paralysis is due to her sense of worthlessness. Until she discovers for herself that she is worthwhile she will continue to wonder whether it is worth participating in, whether this life that she’s in, is worth it.

I see. So, is it important for me to continue to share information about healing; using forgiveness of one’s self?

It is of the highest recommendation to do so.

Would it be helpful for me to write a brief message about this every day?

Yes. That is what you do. You sort information and transfer, convey, trans-vey the gist with a twist.

Haha – I like that. The gist with a twist. Oh, that reminds me of me finding that scroll that I wrote yesterday when I was cleaning out the drawer.

That was you realigning yourself with one of your most powerful methods of speaking to the needs of the general public. You have held a strong magnetism in your field for alerting and leading. You identify and you share your perspective from a humble approach, asking your reader to create their own conclusions. This is a slippery slope as the receivers of this knowledge will altogether attack you for not providing adequate sources, sources that they recognize as valid. You, however, present to your reader knowledge from the source which can ever be and is only interpreted by the receiver’s own navigational, inspirational systems. So you will find that some are “on line” with this and some are not. It’s a worthwhile approach to continue with this as it has proved overall to be of real benefit to an audience. Do not misinterpret what seems to be being received as mere entertainment as being of no benefit. Minds will consider and reconsider this input.

Thank you! Namaste

Namaste Georgeanna. Be well. Remember to keep on reaching out but take care to comb out what does not belong to you.

That I will!

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