An Ascension Update

An Ascension Update


Article by Allison Brown

In a channeled message received in a Quantum Healing session the Higher Self speaks about the upgrades our bodies need to go through in order to prepare for the new Earth, and perhaps things are more painful when we resist the changes that are necessary. This is confirmation that we will all experience something different – it’s a uniquely individual process!

Understand there is going to be physical upheaval that you’ll have to experience because it’s a shift; it’s a DNA shift, it is a physical shift and it’s getting the body prepared for that enlightenment, for that knowledge.

Are you talking about physical upheaval in our personal body?

In our physical body – in our human form, yeah

What about the world?

There is that going on. There will be more cleansing and more work with that, but first, the human form has to take this on and prepare itself, because if it’s not prepared for what the planet is ready to experience, then the human form will perish. So it has to go through this period of upheaval, of discomfort. It’s not going to be something that will be readily diagnosed if gone to a doctor, but it will be something that everyone will have to experience on their path. But once that quells and slows and the abilities start to come to the surface, then they’re prepared. And as the earth takes shape, as the planet takes shape with what is going to happen, they will be prepared for the so-called event.

What can we do to speed up the process and is there anything we need to do physically?

No, this is an individual path.

And when you said prepare our bodies so that they don’t perish, do we physically have to change diets? Do we have to exercise? Do we have to do something special?

No, this is all…everything…these things are all up to the individual. We are resetting the knowns – the knowns of the past. We’re resetting this because things have to advance quicker, and so dietary needs may be a factor for some and may not be a factor for others. Lifestyle factors for one may be different for another. It’s going to take place across a breadth of people, not just small groups that are seeking enlightenment. This is geared towards those that have never sought enlightenment, but yet they have a deep internal knowing that they have to find something. They will wake up one day and they will be like: “I don’t understand, but I feel as if I have to seek this, or find this,” or they might feel something internal that’s driving them and even though they don’t understand it, they will reach that threshold and once they cross that threshold, things will then begin to rapidly expand their consciousness.




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