Ancestor Guides in Past Life Regression

Ancestor Guides in Past Life Regression

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Irina Nola is a past life regression therapist certified by Dr. Brian Weiss and also a QHHT® Practitioner (Dolores Cannon’s student). She lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana and her website is She also offers past life regression (PLR) online.


Ancestor Guides in Past Life Regression

“My Grandmother is my Guardian Angel!” Is what I hear from my past life regression clients all the time to which I reply, “Well, did your grandparents or any other relatives become Guardian Angels after crossing over into the Spirit World?” This is a tricky question as humans do not become Angels after death, but they can be Guardians, more specifically – Ancestor Guides. Ancestors play a very important role in our “Guidance Teams” as they are connected with us through the family lineage – both genetically through DNA and spiritually through the energy/information field of the family.

As incarnated souls, we are a combination of two streams of information and energy – our own soul’s history, with all its past lives, and also the history of the family into whom we are born. There are also bigger groups – generation, city, country, even a planet or a star race which can be affecting our lives, but the soul history and family history are the two most important in forming our personalities and life events.

We have three main types of Guides who help us in human lives.

1.“Personal Guides” have been with us through many past lives – usually, as Spirit Guides and not incarnated in physical bodies, but occasionally they can be present in our past lives as Elders or Teachers. Their main concern is your soul’s evolution, learning spiritual lessons, fulfilling contracts with your soul group members and any other souls with whom we had pre-birth agreements, creating synchronicities for you to meet other souls or have any other planned experiences. They also help us with life review when we return from our trips to the 3D Earth, and they help us plan our next life.

2. “Specialist Guides” are only helping us with a particular task – it can be an emotional issue, a professional skill, healing of illness, etc. Healer Guides whom we meet in Healing Temples are usually Specialist Guides, some are ‘general healers”, others are specializing in specific medical issues. Muses and Daemons – these are the inspirational and Specialist Guides for Arts, Music, Poetry and other creative activities. Even famous people from the past can be asked to help with a particular task in arts or science or medicine. Specialist Guides come and go, and in PLR sessions I often ask for a new Specialist Guide to help the client with issues like business, money management or a new occupation. By the way, an Ancestor can also volunteer to help as a Specialist Guide – for example, a businessman great-grandfather could come to help a client with finances and running a business.

3. Ancestor Guides are the Guardians of the family – they are watching over you as the member of a family lineage. Ancestor Guide also might be a Personal Guide or a member of your spiritual Soul Group – in this case, you will see them in many past lives and they will meet you after a past life death in regression sessions. But usually, Ancestor Guides are not Personal Guides, and their main concern is a continuation of the family lineage, making sure people get married, children are born and raised well, well-being and comfort of all the family members. Unlike Personal Guides, they know a lot about the family history, ancestral trauma, genetic illnesses, patterns of behavior or skills passed through generations.  They are the best to ask for Ancestral Healing – in this case, the client is present in the body in 3D and the Ancestor sends energy healing through the client back and forward in linear time, clearing trauma from the past and future generations. I have experienced Ancestors answering questions about the names of people in the family tree for the clients who study the genealogy of their family. I had a client’s father, an Ancestor Guide, bringing Akashic Books of the family members for the client to see – this is usually not allowed, you can only see your own Book of Records, but in this case, it was important – as there were some mental health issues in the family, and the Ancestor helped to uncover the family members past lives where it all started and we did some surrogate healing for them.

It gets really convoluted when a client sees a past life of the Ancestor in a past life regression! I had a client, an African-American lady, who saw herself in a past life in the body of a young male slave in Haiti. He was making a raft to escape from slavery with several other young men. But there was a landslide, and all his companions died, so he made the journey alone on a raft across the Gulf of Mexico and ended in New Orleans. Here he had no owners and was a free man of color. He worked on the docks, and after saving a bit of money-making small boats and selling them he made bigger boats, and then he created a big ship-building company which later led him to start his own trade, shipping goods. Eventually, he married and moved his house to the Mississippi coast, and when I asked the client to describe the house – she exclaimed: “But this is our family house, this is where I was born!” “OK, make a note of it, let’s see what happened next and we’ll figure out your relationship with this Haitian man.” He has many children and grandchildren and dies peacefully of old age, crosses over into the Light and when I offer him to go to a Healing Temple he says “I do not need any healing, I am her Spirit Guide, my name is Samuel X. I’m her great-grandfather!” “Is she a reincarnation of you or not?” “No, she is not my reincarnation, I wanted her to see my life so she knows who I am, I am the patriarch of the family, I was a runaway slave and had a great life. I came to inspire her!” So, Samuel answers all the clients’ questions, takes her to Akashic Library and helps her to look through her lives, and bring forth other Guides for her own soul journey and particular talks, but the Ancestor promises to help her with her new business and watch over her. This was a mind-blowing session as the client heard something about her lineage but not in so much detail. She also didn’t suspect that it was an Ancestor’s life until she saw the house.

Another convoluted story I vividly recall involved an Ancestor Guide. The female client had some Hawaiian blood and told me that her Ancestor was a shaman according to family legend, but she doesn’t know much else. In the session she saw herself in a Hawaiian man’s body, he had big headpiece with feathers. He lived in a palace, but it wasn’t his, as it belonged to the King of Hawaii (or one of the islands). He had his own room, rather modest and he was a spiritual advisor to the King. In the next scene, she was looking at the body from outside and he was on the ground with the spear in his chest…So I asked her to go to a Healing Place and his spirit flew into the volcano, the energy of the lava was healing him, but at the same time he was watching the destruction of the physical life on the island caused by the eruption. He said, ”I have a baby here.”  I asked, “Who is the baby, your daughter or granddaughter?”  He said,  “I killed her so she won’t  get captured by the British.” “Who killed you, I asked?” (He was killed by a spear, so this could not be done by the British soldiers, they had guns…) “A friend, he said, I asked him to kill me.” So, it turned out that the baby was my client’s past life – by the way, she did have a lot of throat issues, and the shaman put his hand on the baby's mouth and suffocated her. So here is a really convoluted situation – Hawaiian shaman is a genetic Ancestor of the client (he must have had other children who survived the invasion and the eruption of the volcano), but he’s also her past life father or grandfather, who killed her as a baby to save her from captivity or death from hot lava. His name was Kimo, and he answered all the client’s questions, and we saw some of her other past lives in the session.

Ancestor Guides known to the client – parents or grandparents who have passed are often the first ones to show up in the Spirit World to meet the client after past life death and healing. They share love and tell them they are ‘OK’ and give them lots of advice on family issues. But they can also find the clients’ own Personal Guides. If the Personal Guides don’t show up – an Ancestor can also answer the client’s questions and assist them to the Healing Place, but there is a catch. Not all Ancestors are high-level Guides, many of them operate on “common sense” level – their advice is good from the human perspective but might not be very enlightening. What they are really good for – is finding a mate for the client! If there is no soulmate with a pre-birth plan who would show up in the client’s life, and the client can find a new partner based on common interests and compatibility – an Ancestor is always a good matchmaker, looking in the area and organize synchronicities for them to meet. I remember a widowed client who was taking care of her husband during a long illness. He died, and after some time she was ready to meet someone new. Her mom in spirit showed up and told her, “I found you the new man! You need to go back to your church, there is a new parishioner there, you have not met him yet, he lost his wife and you will help him through grief, and you will fall in love with each other. He is an Italian and a great cook! Do your hair, get some new clothes and start going to the church on Sundays!” This is something a mother would do even in physical life, right? Much easier for spirits to play matchmakers, they have a bird’s eye view on things and people!

I also had several clients who were their own ancestors in past lives, but they were not acting as Guides. There were traumas to be healed in these lives but not every Ancestral life shown in regressions is inspirational, they could be traumatic or just ‘digging potato’ type lives.” After a past life “death” I usually ask if the life is affecting the client as their own soul’s life, or as ancestral trauma, or both.

There is also a very special category of Ancestral Guides for Native American Guides of American-born clients. They can be their direct Ancestors if they have Native blood or “Guardians of the Land.” Most Native American past life personalities do not go into the Light after death – they get healing in nature – a sacred rock, a waterfall, a grove of trees and they stay around the tribe for a long time, sometimes for a hundred years or so. If the tribe was destroyed or moved, they are still attached to the land and can reincarnate in any other race or become Guides to local people. Some of my clients had Native American Guides although they had no DNA connection, and they were not long-term Personal Guides, but they came to help with a particular issue – often with herbalism, a connection with nature or animals, shamanism, or they just wanted the client to pay more attention to the Native ways and spirituality.

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Article by Irina Nola

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