Animals Team Up to Deliver Soul Messages

Animals Team Up to Deliver Soul Messages


As a practitioner of Quantum Healing and QHHT it has become common if not expected to connect with the higher consciousness of my client prior to our appointment. Sometimes this happens in my nighttime dreams, sometimes with daydreams or intuitive “hits,” sometimes guides deliver information that is pertinent to the life of the person that is coming to see me.

Recently several species from the Animal Kingdom teamed up and made this connection between me and my client in a fun and extraordinary way!

I live on a farm and a normal day is one filled with animals from horses to dogs, chickens to cats, bees to birds and all manner of rural wildlife make daily appearances as well. So it is normal to encounter animals, but the number and type of encounters I had one morning, all within a short period of time right before meeting my client, was eye-popping!

The session was at 9am so I was up early to do the farm chores before driving into town to my Wellness Studio. After feeding the dogs and cats, I headed to the barn to tend to the horses. As I was walking down the lane I saw a rabbit. Then another rabbit, then another, and another and another and I started counting how many rabbits were there because I was so surprised at how many I saw and how many just kept showing up in front of my feet as I walked. They weren’t baby rabbits either, they were grown cottontails and, as I continued to walk to the barn and got closer, they began to run.

This isn’t unusual either, but often they will just hold very still and let me pass by. None of them did that this morning. I watched as these rabbits run, and jump, and do loops, and circles, and straight lines, up and down the lane. I know my jaw dropped as this was happening because I kept counting, and there were eight of them…eight rabbits running like I have never seen rabbits run in my life. They even ran into the horse paddock and ran circles around one of my ponies! I wondered what was going on? Were they eating funny mushrooms I didn’t know about? And wow, so many of them! I was laughing it was so funny and out of the ordinary.

At the barn the swallows swooped and circled my head. On the way back from the barn dozens of purple martins swirled and sang in the sky and accompanied me as I walked back to the house. I started to wonder if my client was some sort of animal communicator? Hmmmmm.

I got dressed and ready to go and got in my truck for the drive to town. As soon as I left the driveway “Harriet” our resident red-tailed hawk lifted off the electrical line, flew above the truck with a lovely and perfect pirouette and then flew off to the North. We had just remarked a day or so before that we hadn’t seen Harriet in a while and wondered where she was. I was on high alert for more animals at that point.  What else would I see on the very short 15-minute drive to the Studio?

I didn’t have to wait long. Just after the first stop sign, as I was crossing the road, the biggest most beautiful and colorful male pheasant I have ever seen walked calmly in front of the truck and crossed the road. He was almost ethereally lit with a beam of sunlight. I watched and felt my jaw drop again. Was that even a real pheasant? He practically glowed with color. And while I have seen pheasants before, of course, never so closely, and walking so slowly out in the open!

A group of 3 turkey vultures were next, doing their job of removing the remains of an armadillo from the middle of the road. They lifted off the road as they do, but two of them flew off to the left while the third flew in front of me for longer than is normal and eventually up out of the way of the road as he flapped his huge wings.

Another couple of miles passed when I saw another animal in the road, a turtle. I slowed down and swerved widely around her as she also crossed my path.

I watched a few meadowlarks fly by and a pair of bluebirds, too and then turned on the main highway that heads into town. As extraordinary as all of these sightings were I imagined that whatever all of this animal activity was about – was likely over as I was getting closer to more people, houses and buildings and less rural land. But that thought was about to be proven to be incorrect.

I had just slowed down in front of the railroad tracks that mark the entrance to town when, out of nowhere, from alongside those railroad tracks to my left came a beautiful 8-point buck gently loping along and he crossed the road toward town directly in front of my truck. He was so close I could clearly see the fuzz on his antlers, and I watched him disappear behind an old white house into some trees. Deer usually move at dawn and dusk and at night, seeing this fellow so close and running into town in broad daylight isn’t something one normally sees around here.

I was certain, that day’s QHHT session was going to be remarkable. And it was.

My client was a soft-spoken woman who said she had no claim or desire to be an animal communicator and had no apparent deep connection with animals of any kind. As a matter of fact she did not even have a pet, and hadn’t since she was a child, but, she very definitely watched the birds in her garden, and described some unusual behavior she had noticed in the past. So I simply noted that fact and we planned on asking her Higher Self what, if anything, these animal sightings might have meant.

She had a beautiful session and turned out to be a rare, natural somnambulist, meaning, she really had no recall, whatsoever about the experience she had just had. We talked about it and I filled in some of the details and of course she would have the opportunity to listen to the audio recording of the entire session whenever she desired in the future.

Her questions and concerns were answered by her Higher Self which showed itself to her as a blue pulsing light surrounded by swirling golden waves. Her Higher Aspect was similar to her “every day self” in that it wasn’t overly chatty. The answers given were brief but succinct.

I asked about the animals. Were they messages for her? And why were they shown to me and not to her directly?

The animals did have specific messages for her and as I was already connected in a higher consciousness way to my client with our intention of working together and having a session, and as I am already quite connected to the animal kingdom and notice this type of deeper communication from them, it was appropriate to have it work this way. The client’s Higher Self’s vibration and intention connected with the spirit realm of animals to connect with my own Higher Self, and then, the physical animals created the movements and action for me to record with my own conscious mind!

So what were the messages? Here are some highlights: The rabbits. The message from the 8 rabbits was- MOVE! It was time to stop being sedentary, it was time to begin to exercise and specifically, begin running again for the physical health of her body. Running would get everything moving again in her life that currently felt stagnant.

The birds, have their own innate wisdom. Each species has something specific to share. Meditate on each. The pheasant was extremely significant because “she was not currently really noticing or appreciating any of the brilliant colors of the planet and of her physical life.” 

The turtle brought the message that the “slow part” of her life as a mother was over. It was time to move, experience, create and explore!

The buck. This was her guardian animal. This known protector of animals of the forest was one she could call on herself whenever she wished. Interestingly, I just now myself realized the 8 points of her guardian matched the number of rabbits that were running around in such a crazy way. The number 8 usually signifies balance, between the spiritual and material world, between work and family, and also of karmic balance. All of these were relevant concepts in her session.

Watching her connect to these experiences was a delight I don’t mind telling you it was a lot of fun to have this animal experience and have the Higher Consciousness aspect of this client talk about all of the animals as if it was there experiencing them with me.  I never cease to be amazed at the ways our Higher Selves attempt to talk and guide us, and am learning to really pay attention to our animal friends, inside and outside the house. They are truly communicating with us in ways we’re just now beginning to understand.

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