Archangel Takes over Session as Higher Self is Busy Working on Solar Eclipse Project

Archangel Takes over Session as Higher Self is Busy Working on Solar Eclipse Project


The following session story is by practitioner April Silbaugh who has been a member of the Original Quantum Healing Support Forum Community since 2013. She practices in the Rural Sundance area in Wyoming.

I recently had a young woman in her twenties come to see me for a session. She went easily into trance, and experienced a past life as a farmer who lost his family in a car accident and later died of pneumonia. When she went to the “spirit” side, she reunited with her family and after a while I asked her if she would like to meet her guardian angel.

Previously she had stated this to be one of the goals of her session. It turned out Archangel Michael is her guardian angel and so I started talking to him. He was communicating with us so easily that I asked if he would be able to answer all of her questions or if I needed to call in her Higher Self.

Archangel Michael said he would be able to do all the healing and answer her questions and that her Higher Self was busy. I was a bit surprised to hear this and when I asked more about it, he said that the higher aspect of the client was currently working on a project that had to deal with the upcoming solar eclipse. He went on to explain that this would be a major stepping-stone for everyone on planet Earth. We will be getting a HUGE wave of love energy that will help us raise our vibrations. Everyone will be affected.

He explained that some will feel sad or guilty from the negative things they have done, but that this isn't the main focus. It's all about the love energy. He said it also will have to do with the New Earth and the Shift. It will help people not be so judgmental about things like body appearance or race, etc.

Here is Archangel Michael in his exact words: “When the eclipse happens, there is going to be a wave of unconditional love. This wave will change the vibrations and it will change people. There has been so much hate going on-it has even risen this last week because this is coming. She's one of the people, one of the beings gathering the love for this wave. Everyone will receive the love energy. They will have more empathy and more compassion for those around them that they have never felt before. This event is a key stepping stone. There have been many before it but this one…nothing else can happen until this. It will wake them up. Many will hurt because of the pain that they have caused. There will be guilt but that's not the point. They will have to forgive themselves and accept the love that has come.”

I asked him if in a future session I would be able to call on him to help if needed and he said yes.

My client is a “volunteer” as in Dolores Cannon’s book referencing the “Three Waves of Volunteers” and he said they didn't want her to have a great many past lives because they wanted to keep her heart “soft.” Her heart was her superpower and it was her purpose to spread love on the planet. (As a side note, I'm also a volunteer, so we had a lot to talk about after her session!)

When I was thanking Archangel Michael for all of his help and getting ready to bring the client out of trance he said, “April, I know you struggle with those who don't understand, but that will all change. You are doing a great work. Continue.”
Tears welled up as I heard those words.

Those words from Archangel Michael were like a soothing balm to me and so now I've been on a high ever since. AND of course I'm so looking forward to the upcoming eclipse! Help is coming : )

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