Are you a "Session Junkie?"

Are you a “Session Junkie?”

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Energy and Alternative Practitioners recognize this phrase very well. What do you think, could they be talking about you?

Now before I even get started on this subject please know, I am not saying it is automatically a bad thing to be a “session junkie;” not at all. As a matter of fact, I might even call myself one. I like to experience new and different modalities of energy healing. Perhaps you do as well.

The world of alternative and energy healing is exploding. Humans are waking up to the very basic and important fact that we have extraordinary healing potential within our own being that may not require surgical intervention or chemical solutions. This is a very big step for most of us living in 2017. Most of us were not at all raised with this concept in mind, but rather this: “Doctor knows best,” and to seek conventional medical treatment as soon as anything seems amiss. The concept of self-healing is making a comeback in our collective mindset and this is a very good thing.

Perhaps one of the most influential forms of energy healing that became popular in the west was and remains the ancient healing art of reiki. For many years it was tightly controlled and difficult to find qualified teachers and expensive to learn and become attuned. That has changed drastically. Today one can find plent of quality and reasonably priced reiki classes, and some are even held online. Most people who practice and teach reiki already know that hands-on and even distance healing is a human ability and natural birthright and should be more accessible to us all. Happily, that is exactly what has happened, and continues to happen as people wake up.

Reiki remains king of “entry level” energy healing practitioners and for good reason. It has a lovely and neutral history and is uncomplicated and widely accepted. But so many more and varied energy and alternative healing practitioners have hung out their shingles in the last few years.

We have past life regressionists, angel healers, and reconnective healers, EFT practitioners, intuitive coaches, mediums, therapeutic touch practitioners, sound healers, crystal healers and more modalities are being discovered and taught and listed every day!

I am very interested in the core and basic concept of healing and so have found myself sampling different types of sessions over the years just to see what is offered out there by others and how they compare. I have tried EFT, Quantum Touch, Life Between Lives, QHHT, Aura Alchemy, Mediumship, Pure Bioenergy Healing, Cellular and Organ Regeneration, Angel healing, Reconnective Healing, Akashic Records Reading, Cranial Sacral Healing and more.

How about you? Have you found yourself booking sessions with different types of healers? The thing you might want to ask yourself if you are booking various sessions with different people is why? Why are you doing this?

If you are interested in exploring the idea of healing and if you are curious how various healers might approach a similar issue or situation, then the idea of being a “session junkie” isn’t one you really need to think about as being a problem of any kind. You are an explorer and a trailblazer and you are simply sampling the various healers available to you.

However, if you are continually searching for the next practitioner, with the next up and coming healing modality to “fix” you or to “heal” you of your current issue or concern, you might have something else going on. Some clients simply shop their problem around to various energy healers looking for an easy solution or a way for someone outside of themselves to resolve their issues. Often these clients are unsatisfied with their sessions or with the outcome or information provided by them and dismiss the experience and look for another practitioner. And another. And another one after that, often being quite judgemental along the way about the effectiveness of the practitioner or type of modality. Being a session junkie of this type is sometimes indicative of someone who is basically unwilling or unable for one reason or another to face the core reason for the current challenge.

I try to take heart when a session junkie who is just a little bit stuck, comes to my Wellness Studio. You never know when something will shift or change for someone in their growth or understanding. If you are looking to heal a physical or emotional issue, or integrate some kind of experience to create more peace and balance in your life is helpful to remember that healing almost always requires a change of some sort; either in lifestyle, thinking or belief system, and when you are ready or able to make that shift, your healing can happen. Sometimes in an instant!

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