Attached Entities And What They Really Mean

Attached Entities and What They Really Mean

Metaphysical Musings

Article by Alexandra Kallos

Alexandra is based in Barcelona, Dubai, and Muscat, and you can watch some her work and sessions on YouTube. In a recent discussion in the community of Quantum Healers, some shared their perspective of what Entities and Attachments are, and we think that Alexandra described it beautifully.

Both clients and practitioners may or may not encounter attachments in Quantum healing sessions, but it doesn’t mean entities don’t exist, or that clients don’t have them. There can be many reasons for this to be so, especially due to cultural, social, religious and personal ‘filters’ (conscious or subconscious), and we all have them. It could be that the client may not be ready to deal with this to be brought to the surface for just as many reasons.

It’s my profound understanding that everything in creation, in all dimensions and form originates from the One source, also known as the Divine source.

This has been revealed to me in many channelings; my own and others too.

“Darkness” is light that has been layered, but it’s still light, and hence an intrinsic part of divine creation. It’s here to provide us contrast, which is one of the main properties of duality consciousness. It serves the purpose of providing the soul the opportunity to witness this contrast and separation, while offering it the choice to reintegrate and transmute these layered parts back into a state of alignment and oneness.

Darkness or entities, positive or negative: these are very subjective adjectives, but for the sake of argument lets stick to these labels, exist in myriad forms and ways, depending on the origin, purpose and dimension they exist in.

Entities are not always unloved parts of ourselves, that is just one type of entity. They can very well be thought-forms, or disincarnate souls who lost their way. An entity attached “by contract” or an entity ‘sent’ or directed to a human host by way of a spell of some kind. Yes, this exists, whether you choose to believe it or not. This type of entity is what they would call a djinn (demon) in the Arab world where I reside half the time and do many sessions.

I’d be the first to admit this is not a fun subject, it can be scary and intimidating, but the reality is that so many healers/therapists of any kind are reporting a huge increase in entity appearance and removal. It is my belief that one of the main reasons for this increase is that we are in a time of unprecedented accelerated energies, a time we call the Shift. As everything is energy at its core, these ‘lower’ energies have been holding us back for way too long. And for this shift or the much referenced Ascension to actually take place, ALL of these lower vibrational thought-forms, beings, and energies need to be transformed. There is no shortcut to ascension, and this process has been earmarked as one of the most important aspects of the process of ascension.

Being in ascension is doing shadow work actively. This holds true on an individual level as well as a collective level.

And let us be reminded that on a higher level, we are truly all one, so what affects the singular ultimately effects the whole.

In that light, maybe we could see our work as Light-workers gaining even more relevance. All of whom is aware and awakened is currently providing humanity an even greater service in treating this with the light and the discernment it deserves.

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