Away with the Fairies

Away with the Fairies


Recently, Quantum Healing Practitioner Chrysilla Lewies asked the following question on Social Media:

What do your “non-spiritual” family and friends call it when you talk about spiritual or metaphysical matters?  To me they often say that, “I am away with the fairies.”

Here are some other phrases heard around the world:

  • There she goes “talking about aliens again.”
  • “It is all Voo Doo.”
  • “She is in La-La land again.”
  • It is all “Hocus-Pocus.”
  • “You know, she sees dead people.”
  •  “She is out there in left field.”
  • “Hippie”
  • “She is playing with her Rocks again”
  • “Tree hugger”
  • “Gypsy”
  • “Weirdo”
  • “Mental”
  • “Mentally ill”
  • “Unstable”
  • “Sees things”
  • “Abnormal”
  • “Schizophrenic”

Some of the phrases used can be slightly more complimentary!

  • Dreamer
  • lightworker
  • goddess/god
  • The wise one
  •  Creator being
  •  mover and shaker
  •  Moves beyond the Matrix
  •  magic maker
  •  leader of the elders
  •  community designer
  • wayshower
  • The Light
  • Star seed
  • Lighted one
  • Indigo
  • Star child

What other labels and phrases have you heard or used yourself? Feel free to jump on board my posting a comment. Someday perhaps it won’t be considered unusual to see and tap into other worlds and other realms, but for now the work of a quantum healer still sits outside of what is considered normal, usual or conventional.

That’s okay by most Quantum Healers and Chrysilla and every member of our Directory! Actually Chrysilla just posted a QHHT session story video on YouTube about fairies! You can find that here and you can find her listing on our Directory right here

All “woo woo” and “non woo woo” beings are welcome.

By the way…just in case you would like to try to step away with the fairies yourself, here is a very short video that suggests some ways that you can.  This video was made by a New Zealand shaman who was raised near where Rivendell was filmed in “Lord of the Rings.”  Can you spot some of the nature spirits and fairies in these woods? (Hint- don’t try too very hard to see them directly and then, they just appear!)

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